Use these practical ideas around the kitchen.

We love the simple pleasures of life. And that goes for roasted veggies, too! There are few things that make us more content come fall than grabbing our roasting pans and indulging in a batch of our favorite roasted veggies. From delicata squash to parsnips and leeks, we are salivating just thinking about the crisp, sweet, wholesome deliciousness of roasted fall veggies that we can eat alone or add to any dish. Not convinced yet? Check out our top reasons why you should be roasting all your veggies this fall and you're bound to be roasting in no time:

1. Roasted Veggies for the Sweet Life

Roasting vegetables is akin to making healthy candy. It makes every vegetable so much more delicious! When you stick your favorite squash or root vegetable in the oven, it comes out tinged with a caramelized, sweet crisp. The roasting effect brings out the natural sweetness of the veggie and cooks it fully without turning them into a mushy, unrecognizable mess. We'll take it! No mushy peas for dinner tonight. We guarantee everyone will be eating their veggies from here on out. Get roasted veggie cooking tips and tricks here!


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2. Fall Crispness Is in the Air (and Your Veggies!)

Another thing we love about roasting our veggies is that it generates a deliciously crispy exterior. While different vegetables tend to cook at different temperatures and crispness may vary, we recommend letting them get a little brown! Plus, lather your veggies in olive oil beforehand and add in some seasoning to speed up crisping time. We like to mix our veggies in a bowl with olive oil, red hot pepper flakes, garlic, and salt before putting them on the roasting tray. Try this and you will have one crispy, delectable dish in no time! Get your roasted vegetable how-to guide here.

3. Warming Up Just Got Easier

The benefits of roasting all your veggies this fall doesn't stop at the kitchen: Roasting your veggies has a ripple effect on your household. When you turn that oven on it will also warm up your house. Who doesn't like a cozy environment and a delicious meal all at once? The oven will heat your house without making the furnace work. Save a few bucks on heating and enjoy an autumnal feast? That's what we call a win-win.

4. We Love Hands-Off Cooking

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits (errr..veggies) of your labor! Roasting your veggies is relatively hands-off. You may only have to stir veggies once or twice. We'll take it!

5. A Meal in One Pan is a Win-Win

You can roast a whole meal on one pan with your favorite veggies and a meat or fish of your choice! Check out these sheet pan recipes right now and make one tonight!

6. Every Veggie Loves a Good Roast

Roasting veggies to perfection isn't an exclusive club. Carrots, mushrooms, or broccoli... you name it, they can all gain entry! You can literally roast any vegetable you want. It works for EVERY veggie without any special prep work.

7. Batch Cooking for Many a Meal

Let's face it: Fall is a busy time! That's why we love batch cooking. What's better for batch cooking than roasting pounds of veggies at a time and eating them all week long? Spoiler alert: They taste even better leftover.

8. Add to Anything for Ultimate Scrumptiousness

Make soups, salsas, sauces, and most anything more flavorful by roasting veggies first to add to them. Also try adding to grain bowls, soups, salads, or any dish you want to amp up the veggies. Need inspiration? Check out these 5 must-try flatbread toppings including roasted veggies! Pizza night just got healthier.

9. No Veggie Goes Unturned

With a roasted vegetable dish, you won't have to feel guilty or worry about rotting veggies in the fridge. Cooking up a big batch of all your locally sourced veggies is a great way to use up your CSA box and support sustainability.



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