10 Surprising Things to Do with Frozen Vegetables

Good-for-You Macaroni and Cheese
Next time you're at the store, don't pass up the frozen section. The vegetables here are all cut, prepped, and ready to be cooked, which can save tons of time when you have to get dinner on the table. Skeptical? Don't be. Here are 10 creative ways to use frozen vegetables in our favorite recipes.

Frozen Veggies, Reinvented!

Easy, peasy dinners can start from the freezer. Check out our 10 delicious frozen-vegetable-based recipes.

#1: Make Them the Star Ingredient

Frozen Vegetable: Corn


Frozen corn can stand in for its fresh counterpart in the off-season to make wow-worthy chowders like this one. Shh -- it can be our little secret!

#2: Add Extra Green to Your Dinner

Frozen Vegetable: Green beans


Not enough green in your dinner? Frozen green beans to the rescue! Here, we added some green to a vegetable curry with a cup of precut green beans. No extra effort required.

#3: Blend Them Into Hummus

Frozen Vegetable: Edamame


Using frozen instead of fresh edamame in this Asian-inspired hummus means you get to spend more time enjoying and less time prepping.

#4: Speed Up Weeknight Dinners

Frozen Vegetables: Stew vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onion, and celery)


Thanks to precut stew vegetables, you can get this hearty casserole on the table in just 25 minutes. Don't say we've never done anything nice for you.

#5: Healthify Huevos Rancheros

Frozen Vegetable: Spinach


Need a healthy dinner -- fast? Frozen spinach has got your back in this quick and easy take on huevos rancheros, giving you almost all of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin A.

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#6: Cook Them in Pasta Water

Frozen Vegetable: Mixed vegetables


This veggie-loaded pasta only takes one pot, since the frozen mix cooks along with the pasta a few minutes before draining. It's genius, really.

#7: Add Creativity to Plain Pasta

Frozen Vegetable: Mixed vegetables


You can make this easy pasta recipe your own with whatever mix of frozen vegetables you want. Indecisive? Get two different varieties, then decide on dinner night. It won't slow you down when it comes to prep time.

#8: Toss Them Into Chili

Frozen Vegetable: Pepper stir-fry vegetables (yellow, green, and red sweet peppers, and onion)


We love this chili for two reasons. 1: It's a hands-off slow-cooker chili. 2: We don't even have to cut up any of the vegetables -- the frozen bag of precut stir-fry peppers makes prep a cinch.

#9: Put a Faster Spin on Homemade

Frozen Vegetable: Mixed vegetables (cut green beans, corn, diced carrots, and peas)


Homemade chicken noodle soup doesn't have to be a time-intensive process -- just toss a bag of frozen vegetables into the slow cooker with chicken, noodles, and canned soup. Voila!

#10: Trick Picky Eaters

Frozen Vegetable: Mixed vegetables

When gobbling down a good bowl of mac and cheese, picky eaters will hardly notice that you snuck in a few vegetables. Just don't show them the empty bag!

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