10 Surprising Things to Do with Asparagus

how to cook asparagus
It's easy being green -- trust us! The possibilities for asparagus go way beyond grilling the spears. Try a few surprising asparagus recipes, such as flatbread and smoothies, for a fresh take on this fresh veggie.

Asparagus, Reinvented

Ah, asparagus. The most sophisticated veggie deserves to be treated like the foodie-favorite it is. Enjoy these 10 new recipes that feature the spears in all their green glory.

#1: Top Flatbread

Rethink pizza night with a fresh flatbread. Asparagus is the star vegetable here, with yellow squash playing second fiddle.

#2: Sneak into Smoothies

Now you can drink your greens. You won't even know the asparagus is in this surprisingly sweet, low-cal snack -- unless you garnish it with the spears, of course!

#3 Shake Up a Salad

If plain lettuce just isn't cutting it, take a vegetable peeler to a pound of asparagus, and voila! Your first course will look worthy of a five-star restaurant.

#4: Fry to Perfection

Alright, we're adding a little guilt to your greens, but asparagus spears were practically made for a deep-fry dip.

#5: Stuff into Spring Rolls

These atypical spring rolls with ham steak and egg get their green from fresh asparagus and lettuce.

Asparagus Recipe Tip: Short on time? These scrumptious spring rolls can prepped and chilled up to four hours ahead.

#6: Complement Creamy Pasta

Crunch-ify Alfredo with fresh asparagus, then add buddies broccoli, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes for a serving of creamy pasta you can feel good about.

#7: Showcase in Soup

Make asparagus the star of the show with this light, all-about-asparagus soup. (The Sriracha-glazed croutons aren't half bad, either.)

#8 Put It on (Breakfast) Pizza

Pack some power into a weekend breakfast with this hearty meat-and-veggie pizza. Hollandaise sauce and asparagus are a perfect pair; you can thank us later.

#9 Garnish a Casserole

Criss-crossing asparagus spears turns a plain-ol' casserole into the centerpiece of your next potluck.

#10 Bake It into Breakfast

Give asparagus an a.m. opportunity with this half-frittata, half-casserole concoction. The best part: This beauty serves six lucky breakfast guests.

Bonus Recipe: Make Lasagna

Head-turningly different, this lasagna eschews ground beef and red sauce for the following lineup: asparagus, smoked salmon, and Romano cheese. Don't diss it 'til you try it.

Enjoy a side dish of asparagus with your next meal. We show you how to cook asparagus to a crisp, flavorful finish.

Asparagus Cooking Tutorial

Spend 43 seconds with us to make the snappiest, tastiest cooked asparagus spears ever.

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