Turkey Brine Recipes

Cilantro-Lemon Marinated Turkey Breast,
Brining a turkey before roasting will result in ultimate juiciness and fresh taste. Brining typically takes place in a salty solution for up to 24 hours. These flavorful turkey brine recipes are ideal for your next Thanksgiving.

Simple Roast Turkey

This classic roast turkey recipe will become your go-to Thanksgiving dinner. For the juiciest bird, soak your turkey for 24-36 hours before roasting. Weighing the bird down ensures each bite is full of flavor.

Add incredible flavor and moisture to your turkey recipe by brining it before roasting. The process of brining a turkey is easier than you think -- we've even got a secret that frees up room in your refrigerator.

How to Brine Turkey

Brining is the best way to ensure your turkey is moist and delicious. Learn how to properly brine a turkey, plus get our must-have brine recipe.

Maple-Brined Turkey

The maple syrup in this brine not only gives your bird sweet flavor but also keeps it juicy and moist. This recipe is perfect for Christmas dinner.

Beer-Brined Turkey

Got some extra cans of beer sitting around? Try soaking your turkey breast in a beer and garlic brine overnight for a savory flavor that's hard to beat.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Turkey

Looking for a quick and easy turkey recipe? Try this one! The secret to this speedy Thanksgiving turkey is brining the breast and legs separately.

Apple Cider-Ginger Brined Turkey

Apple and turkey? It doesn't get more fall than this. An apple cider and ginger overnight brine makes this bird extra flavorful.

Maple-Sage Turkey

A dry brine is less messy and easier to work with than a wet brine. This salt and sugar rub, applied to the turkey a few days before cooking, guarantees a sweet and tender turkey.

Roasted Brined Turkey

The sugar and salt solution in this turkey brine helps retain moisture in the bird after cooking. For the juiciest turkey, be sure to let it rest for 20 minutes before carving.

New England Grilled Turkey

Go ahead and grill your turkey! This New England-style recipe incorporates sage butter and a gingered cranberry sauce, and it's served with a spiced cherry chutney.

Classic Roast Turkey

You're looking at another Thanksgiving turkey recipe that will leave your house smelling delightful. This turkey is brined in an apple cider mixture, roasted, and topped with an orange and herb butter glaze.

Cilantro-Lemon Marinated Turkey

Part brine, part marinade, all delicious. This tangy cilantro-lime turkey is best served with a quick pepper-onion gravy made after roasting.

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