We Can't Stop Watching These Incredible Tsunami Cake Videos

Prepare to be mesmerized by these interactive layer cakes that are frosted before your own eyes.

When I'm not in my kitchen baking cookies or other treats, there's a good chance I'm scrolling through all the delicious food content trending on social media. Watching gorgeous cake decorating videos or seeing hot cocoa bombs melt away to reveal tiny marshmallows are some of my favorite. The latest mesmerizing videos I can't stop watching? Tsunami cakes! A quick browse through tags such as #tsunamicake or #pullmeupcake will introduce you to layered cakes wrapped with a clear cake collar ($16, Amazon). The collar is slowly pulled up, revealing a gorgeous sheath of frosting, whipped cream, or ganache over the entire confection before your very eyes. These next-level tsunami cakes are taking the internet by storm in fun colors and character shapes such as Disney princesses or Superman. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing a tsunami cake in action yet, here are a few beautiful creations by some extremely talented bakers.

Glittery Minnie

Nayane Capistrano might be the most-viewed tsunami cake video artist in the trend so far. Take this adorable Minnie Mouse cake, for example. The classic Disney character's skirt flows to life in its red (and glitter-filled!) glory complete with pearly-white sprinkles for the signature polka dots.

Cookies and Cream Dreams

San Diego baker Miranda Guiles of Mirami's Cakes & Cookies says she's "obsessed" with the tsunami cake trend. "There's something so satisfying about watching the whipped topping drip down," she says. "My mind is constantly exploding with ideas of different flavors combinations and colors." This tsunami cake is a tribute to the baker's childhood favorite birthday cake by her mom, an Oreo cookie cake. Here Guiles jazzed it up with some fluffy purple whipped topping.

Perfectly Nautical

SpongeBob SquarePants and his pineapple house under the sea make the perfect setting for this tsunami cake. After many tests (as noted in her caption) by Brimar Mendez of @brimarcake, this was the successful result. And I must say, she nailed it. The blue water cascading down with the sandy sweet crumble is most impressive.

Fancy Indoor S'mores

In her latest creation, Guiles turned our favorite campfire treat into a jaw-dropping tsunami cake. To get the thick cascading marshmallow effect, the baker used whipped cream mixed with a bit of sweetened condensed milk. I can smell those toasted marshmallows atop that s'mores cake right now.

Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow foods are so much fun, especially when it's in the form of a tsunami cake by Capistrano. A paintbrush sits atop a rainbow wheel and reveals the glittery colors once the plastic collar is removed.

As an avid home baker, these beautiful tsunami cakes seem super difficult to accomplish. Are they as hard to create as they seem? According to Guiles, the "assembly comes pretty easily" if you have the proper baking tools. "The consistency and viscosity of the cream on top is something I'm constantly adjusting to get just right," Guiles says. "When you do get it right, it's magic!" I'm not sure I'll be jumping on making a tsunami cake anytime soon, but I do know I'll follow the #tsunamicake tag for more mesmerizing videos.

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