These 12 Foods Were Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows

From 'I Love Lucy' to 'Friends' and everything in-between, you'll get nostalgic just looking at these recipes.

Golden Girls

The famous witty trio shared many conversations over a cheesecake indulgence. At their age, we think they had the right idea! To solve all your life's worries and celebrations, make our deliciously light and sweet white chocolate cheesecake.

I Love Lucy

Lucy gave us so many charming moments, but some of our favorite scenes came from her on-and-off-screen husband, Ricky. To honor his Cuban heritage, we of course had to make Cuban fried rice. This dish filled with pineapple, ham, beans, and jalapeno reminds us of all the zingers Ricky spat out on the show. 

The Brady Bunch

Growing up with this show, we all found a Brady child to relate to. However, watching the reruns on late-night TV, we now sympathize for Alice, the entertaining housekeeper.  We think Alice would have appreciated this easy, breezy breakfast. There's nothing like sunshine toast to get the kids out the door in time to catch the bus!

The Beverly Hillbillies

If the Beverly Hillbillies clan was anything, it was unapologetically themselves. Though they found themselves in the middle of an upper-class environment, they never lost their down-home roots. Especially when it came to food! These shrimp and grits with BLT relish would please their southern palate. 


While Joey and Monica had their fair share of food moments on the show, our favorite culinary scene comes from none other than Rachel Greene. In a desperate attempt to make an English trifle, she ends up with a sweet and savory disaster. Perhaps Rachel would have been better off with this fresh berry trifle.

Andy Griffith Show

Ever since she served it on the first episode, we've been drooling for a bite of Aunt Bee's fried chicken. While we have yet to find her original recipe, we think we've come close with this buttermilk-brined fried chicken.  Each bite is juicer and tastier than the last.

Gilligan's Island

While we don't know much about the uncharted island, we do know it's somewhere in the vicinity of Honolulu. If that's true, there must have been lots and lots of yummy pineapple! This grilled ham and pineapple burger would have made Gilligan drool. 


Jerry and his friends gave us so many quotable moments, but one of our favorite quotes came from the owner of a soup stand. "No soup for you!" stuck with the Seinfeld fans long after the episode aired. Every time we watch it, we get a craving for our yummy bone-in chicken noodle soup.


In honor of the show's namesake and the bar itself, we'll be eating this deliciously slow-cooked beer brisket. In the slow cooker for up to 12 hours, this dinner comes out tender, juicy, and delicious. Sam and his buddies would be proud. 

Full House

If there's one thing Michelle Tanner loved more than her big, happy family, it was dessert. Especially of the chocolate variety. We think Michelle would just about lose her mind if she saw these gooey chocolate pudding cakes. Would you like melty ice cream on top? You got it, dude!


The fictional town of Lanford could be anywhere in Illinois, but several references on the show leave us to believe it is a suburb of Chicago. In honor of the Second City's sought-after title of the best pizza in America, we are making this cheesy deep-dish pizza topped with Italian sausage. Just how the Chicagoans like it!

The Simpsons

It's tough to picture Homer Simpson without a doughnut in his hand. The signature pink-iced sprinkle doughnut looked delicious even in cartoon form! For a twist on the classic treat, try our grilled doughnuts. This recipe comes with a strawberry basil dip for a grown-up version of Homer's guilty pleasure. 


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