Kinder Joy Egg Is FINALLY Coming to the United States

This treat has never been sold on U.S. soil, but it already has a cult following. See what all the hype is about for this edible chocolate egg.
Courtesy of Kinder

The news is out: For the first time ever, grocery stores across the United States will have Kinder eggs on their shelves.

For years, international travelling parents have brought the much-craved Kinder Surprise eggs back to their kids in the United States. The treat is loved for its deliciously sweet chocolate crème lining, but famous for the hidden toy inside.

However, it's that very toy that got the chocolate egg banned from the U.S. market. An FDA regulation prohibits any food product to be embedded with non-nutritive items, such as a toy with small parts that often requires assembly. In the hands of a young tyke, we certainly see how this could be dangerous.

Luckily for us, Ferrero International S.A., the confectionery company that owns Kinder, made a different type of egg in 2001 that separates the edible treat from the fun surprise, Kinder Joy. This design was intended for warm-weather markets, and is also compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, according to Fortune.

Courtesy of Kinder

The difference lies in the packaging. Kinder Joy Is made with two separate halves that, when pushed together, make an egg. One individually sealed half contains a creamy chocolate filling with crispy wafers, while the other sealed container holds the surprise toy. This thoughtful design will make its way to the states in 2018.

Can't wait until then? Try making a chocolate "egg" in your own kitchen! Use our chocolate bowl tutorial as your guide. Make two chocolate bowls as directed, but dunk the balloon in the chocolate several times to achieve a sturdy chocolate egg wall. Once the chocolate is dry and the balloon is removed, dip the edge of one bowl in melted chocolate and press the two halves together until the chocolate dries. Give your egg a surprise of its own by filling it with an edible treat like fresh fruit, gummy candies, or sprinkles before the two halves are sealed. It's almost as good as the real thing!

Fill these edible chocolate dessert bowls with ice cream, berries, or whatever satisfies your sweet tooth.


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