These Jaw-Dropping Tea Bombs Are Putting the Cocoa Versions to Shame

Step aside, hot cocoa bombs. These beautiful herb-filled delights are taking over the drink scene.

We're seeing a movement away from hot cocoa bombs and onto what I believe is even better: tea bombs! Sure, watching spheres of chocolate melt into a glorious mug of hot chocolate was (and still is) a brilliant creation. But my tea-loving heart can't get over these absolutely beautiful confections. Instead of spheres made of chocolate, home bakers and pastry artists alike are using the same type of silicone molds ($9, Amazon) to form beautiful sugar globes. Inside the sweet shell includes a combination of tea leaves, herbs, and edible flowers.

Many of these tea bombs are filled and/or decorated with edible glitter ($10, Amazon) and other edible confections as a finishing touch. (There are a ton of #teabomb videos featuring the intricate process on TikTok.) Once dropped into water or milk, the crystal ball-like spheres slowly melt away, revealing the tea and herbal leaves to steep. If you're not a loose tea fan, many tea bombs reveal an easy-to-remove tea bag. I feel calm just thinking about the process, but here are some of the beautiful tea bomb creations taking over the internet to get a look for yourself.

Pineapple Delight

These beautiful tea bomb creations by Rebekah and Sally of @hivecakeshop feature pineapple guava white tea and Earl Grey tea from David's Tea. The outside is adorned with edible flowers for a stunning finish. It's easy to see why the sister-owned bakeshop is already selling out of these fast.

Everything Pink

Asfia of @adatewithdesserts gave us the best of both the cocoa and tea bomb trend. Inside the pink-tinted chocolate shell contains a blend of pistachios, almonds, rose petals, a pinch of pink salt, and instant Kashmiri pink tea ($11, Amazon). Of course, edible glitter and more chocolate go on top before dropping the hot tea bomb in warm milk.

Galaxy Dreams

Sipping one of these tea bombs by Maria of @beautyanddasweetz seems like the perfect way to end an evening before heading to dreamland. Inside the blue galaxy-themed hot tea bomb is Dream Tea by Tazo. The soothing herbal tea features a soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, Valerian, and sweet notes of almond.

Shimmer and Shine

They're almost too pretty to let melt away, but the flavor combos of the tea bombs by Christina of @candycreationsbycc are irresistible. In addition to the wonderful tea awaiting inside (raspberry, peppermint, or lemon ginger, to name a few), the tea bomb's honey or sugar shell is also infused with flavors! A blueberry-honey shell filled with berry tea is, well, exactly the cup of tea I'd want.

Matcha and Rose Bouquet

I don't know about you, but I'd take a bouquet of these gorgeous tea bombs over flowers any day. Sara of @sarahs_sweets made these hot tea bombs with a white chocolate coating. After the satisfying reveal, you'll either sip on matcha green tea latte ($10, Target) or a chai-rose latte with a hint of pistachio.

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