Dun dun dun dun dun dun.... Shark Week is here! Dip a toe in with snacks that go swimmingly with your great white devotion.
Beach Party Cupcakes

Do you still have Sharknado 2: The Second One on your DVR? You are officially a full-fledged fan. Your Shark Week deserves beachy-keen cupcakes topped with crushed vanilla wafers (sand), blue icing (waves), and sandals (peanut butter sandwich cookies).

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Octopus Cake Pops

octopus cake pops

Ah, the great battle of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (Shark Week's 2009 entry into the hearts of fin-ophiles). These underwater octopuses are simple cake pops covered with melted candy wafers. We give them eight thumbs up.

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Mediterranean Shrimp


If the quote "We're gonna need a bigger boat!" makes you nostalgic for the water, dive right in with a snack fit for a hammerhead. Marinated shrimp, provolone, and grape tomatoes are TV-watching-ready when served in a cocktail glass.

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Sunny Day Cake

birds-eye view of sunny day cake recipe

Grab your shades! This summery cake will transport you to the beach at first sight. Take a bite to discover a moist and delicious yellow cake and ice cream cones hiding beneath a layer of frosting. What a bright dessert idea to give a nod to the sandy shores!

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Blue Hawaii Martini

Blue Hawaii Martini

C'mon in, the water's fine! Mix up a vodka-curacao martini and slide an orange onto the glass, then sit back, turn on The Discovery Channel, and watch the fins circle.

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Chewy Tropical Granola Bars

Chewy Tropical Granola Bars

When a single spin of Jaws is about the extent of your shark-enthusiasm, this low-commitment tropical treat is just the ticket. Roasted macadamia nuts and coconut flakes bring the beach to you. (Plus, if you use your imagination, they look like mini surfboards!)

Sailboat Cake

Sailboat Cake

Pack your binoculars to patrol for sharks from aboard your sailboat! OK, this is just a mini edible ship, but it’s a perfectly fitting treat to set sail at your Shark Week viewing party. Start with boxed cake mix and store-bought frosting so you can focus on decking out the deck in full nautical style.

Get the recipe: Sailboat Cake


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