Glorious Recipes Made in a Jello Mold

Apple-Cheese Mold

Are you ready for a burst of nostalgia? We're throwing it back to the days when all our favorite recipes jiggled when served. So sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane with our favorite recipes from a jello mold.

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Layered Cranberry-Quince Mold

Layered Cranberry-Quince Mold

The cranberry and quince combo of this gelatin mold seriously classes up the jiggly dish. Make a traditional large mold or several mini ones like you see here—matching molds not required.

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Mom's Ribbon Salad

Mom's Ribbon Gelatin
Andy Lyons

You caught us: This adorable jello dessert isn't made in a mold. It's shaped in a 3-quart rectangular dish, which means anyone can make it easily.

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Boozy Jello Salad!

Those three words should cover it. See how to make it.

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