20+ Instant Recipes From Your Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot recipes are all the rage, but you can make these recipes in any pressure cooker whether electric or stovetop, Instant Pot or other brand of pressure cooker. This collection of pressure cooker recipes is our highest rated in the Test Kitchen and prove you can use a pressure cooker for every meal of the day.

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    Pressure Cooker Bacon Deviled Eggs

    This deviled egg recipe got this response during tasting in the test kitchen: "Pressure cooker deviled eggs are perfect!" Try them yourself and see what they were so excited about. I mean, with bacon and mayo involved there's no way they can't be good. Pressure cooking your eggs may become your go-to cooking method.

  • Pulled Pork Gyros with Dilled Radish Tzatziki 2 of 24

    Pulled Pork Gyros with Dilled Radish Tzatziki

    Not much can top the juicy tenderness of pulled pork in a pressure cooker. Pile the pork on pita rounds topped with a homemade tzatziki sauce, onion, and feta for a fresh twist on your usual gyro recipe.

  • Pressure Cooker Honey Chipotle Riblets 3 of 24

    Pressure Cooker Honey Chipotle Riblets

    Instant Pot ribs are crazy-popular, but you can make this saucy ribs recipe in whatever pressure cooker you have. Pork ribs smothered in a sticky sweet sauce of ketchup, molasses and chipotle peppers make a perfect game day pressure cooker appetizer.

  • Fast or Slow Tiramisu Chocolate Marble Cake 4 of 24

    Tiramisu Chocolate Marble Cake

    Tiramisu meets cake in this pressure cooker dessert recipe and you may never go back to either one on its own again. The serving size is small because it's oh, so rich due to ample butter, mascarpone cheese, bittersweet chocolate, and a mascarpone icing to boot.

  • Gyro Nachos, nachos, dip, chips 5 of 24

    Pressure Cooker Gyro Nachos with Tzatziki

    Why yes, you can make nachos in a pressure cooker. This Greek-inspired nacho recipe is proof. To speed things up even more (really, is a 15-minute cook time too long for you?) you could serve with purchased tzatziki sauce, but it's also easily assembled while the chicken cooks in the pressure cooker.

  • Fast or Slow Korean-Style Short Ribs 6 of 24

    Korean-Style Short Ribs

    Now that you know you can make pressure cooker ribs will you ever make them any other way? Well, these apple and soy-flavored ribs also contain directions for the slow cooker, so now the dilemma is which convenience appliance will you choose?

  • Pressure Cooker Scrambled Breakfast Hash 7 of 24

    Pressure Cooker Scrambled Breakfast Hash

    Just like any good breakfast recipe, this pressure cooker breakfast hash is loaded with bacon, eggs, cheese, and potatoes. All the must-have breakfast staples. Change up the cheese depending on what's in your fridge or your mood that morning since the cook time is only 5 minutes!

  • Fast or Slow Thai Turkey Meat Loaf 8 of 24

    Thai Turkey Meat Loaf

    You can't argue with a meat loaf requiring only slightly more than 20 minutes of cooking time! This turkey meat loaf initially cooks in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes, but then gets briefly broiled for pretty browning before serving. And because you're using turkey as the meat, this meat loaf recipe is only 318 calories!

  • Fast or Slow Dulce de Leche Cheesecake 9 of 24

    Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

    If you love the flavor of dulce de leche it's time you try it in cheesecake form! A crust of vanilla wafers and toasted almonds deliciously surround the creamy filling. Then, why not go ahead and drizzle the pressure cooker cheesecake with more dulce de leche and some bittersweet chocolate to top it off? It creates a cheesecake recipe you won't soon forget.

  • Pressure Cooker Southern Tot Casserole 10 of 24

    Pressure Cooker Southern Tot Casserole

    For a diner-worthy breakfast recipe from your pressure cooker turn to this egg and potato breakfast casserole. Our taste panel declared the southern-inspired recipe "great, perfect timing!" Plus, it's hearty enough to fuel a lumberjack all morning long.

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    Pressure Cooker Garlicky Spinach and Feta Dip

    Nothing says "party" like a hot dip, and this pressure cooker appetizer recipe is no exception. Creamy, cheesy, and salty, it has everything necessary to keep guests coming back for seconds (and thirds).

  • Pressure Cooker Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding 12 of 24

    Pressure Cooker Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding

    The name of this recipe sounds so indulgent, you'd never guess it's under 200 calories per serving! Of course, that's assuming you stop at one serving. With bittersweet chocolate, dried tart cherries, and a creamy yogurt sauce, it might be hard to stop at one.

  • Butternut Squash Shakshuka 13 of 24

    Butternut Squash Shakshuka

    It's a breakfast/brunch/brinner recipe with a trifecta of trendiness! Shakshuka? Check! Butternut squash? Check! Pressure cooker? Check! Plus, we put an egg on it! There's no way you can go wrong with this veggie-packed recipe topped with eggs and feta cheese. Bonus, we also provided slow cooker directions for this dish so whether you want it fast or slow, there's a recipe for you.


  • Pressure Cooker Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Bowl 14 of 24

    Pressure Cooker Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bowl

    We're big fans of the breakfast bowl craze. What could be better than an all-in-one meal—no sides needed. With oats, cheese, bacon, and eggs this pressure cooker breakfast fills you up with 23 g protein and a whopping 10 g fiber! Finally, you'll be able to make it to lunchtime without listening to your stomach growl.

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    Pressure Cooker Chili Mac and Cheese

    Seeking a kid-friendly pressure cooker recipe? Ta-da! Here's the one. We combined the much-loved flavors of chili with macaroni and cheese for a comfort food recipe the whole family will love. We encourage serving with lettuce and tomatoes to amp up the nutrition, but you know what your family will eat better than we do.

  • Fast or Slow Mini Chocolate-Orange Lava Cakes 16 of 24

    Mini Chocolate-Orange Lava Cakes

    If you love desserts with a gooey center (come on, who doesn't?!), this is your dessert recipe! An indulgent batter of dessert basics like chocolate, butter, flour, and sugar are complimented by a dose of orange liqueur for a flavor twist on a molten cake recipe.

  • Pressure Cooker Asian Pork Cabbage Bowl 17 of 24

    Pressure Cooker Asian Pork Cabbage Bowl

    Fill your dinner bowl with succulent pork and loads of veggies for an all-in-one meal from your pressure cooker. This meal in a bowl gets its Asian flavors from fresh ginger, soy sauce, lemongrass, and purchased Asian dressing. For those who like it hot, drizzle liberally with sriracha.

  • Fast or Slow Asian-Style Chicken Sliders with Slaw 18 of 24

    Asian-Style Chicken Sliders with Snow Pea Slaw

    Fresh snow peas and carrots make a bright fresh topper for juicy chicken seasoned with hoisin, soy, ginger, and garlic. It’s the perfect balance of hearty meat and fresh veggies.

  • Fast or Slow Garlic-Ginger Pork Lettuce Wraps 19 of 24

    Garlic-Ginger Pork Lettuce Wraps

    Use these pressure cooker lettuce wraps as a party appetizer or a light dinner recipe that tastes better than restaurant versions. For more restaurant feel, serve with soy sauce for dunking, because food is more fun when it's dunked.

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    Simplified Chicken Korma

    Never heard of korma? Well, this pressure cooker chicken recipe is about to make you a big fan of it! Our taste panel loved the spicy flavor of this dish and thought the chicken was perfectly tender from the pressure cooker. Try out the slow cooker directions if your pressure cooker is already full cooking dessert or you don't have a pressure cooker.

  • Fast or Slow Gruyère Risotto with Arugula Gremolata 21 of 24

    Gruyère Risotto with Arugula Gremolata

    That's right, thanks to your pressure cooker or Instant Pot you can make a risotto without stirring constantly! Give your stirring arm a break, and while the pressure cooker comes to pressure and the risotto cooks for 6 minutes you can whip up a fresh and salty arugula gremolata.

  • Cashew Chicken Wraps with Sweet-Tangy Slaw 22 of 24

    Cashew Chicken Wraps with Sweet-Tangy Slaw

    Dinner’s a wrap when you fill tortillas with pressure cooked chicken, spinach, cashews, and a homemade slaw. Our taste panel loved the slightly sweet flavor from the honey and the crunchy texture from the nuts contrasting with the tender chicken.

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    Indian Spiced Lentils with Spinach

    This flavor-packed lentil recipe makes one darn delicious vegetarian main dish with 23 g protein and 10 g fiber so there's no way you can finish a serving without feeling satisfied. Even the meat lovers will ask for seconds of this pressure cooker dinner. No pressure cooker, no problem—you can make this lentil recipe in the slow cooker, too

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