Summer calls for frozen desserts. If homemade frozen dessert recipes aren't your thing because you don't have the patience to wait hours for an ice pop to freeze (seriously, who has the time?!), Pampered Chef has a product for you! And if you like your ice pops with a bit of alcohol, there are ideas for boozy ice pop recipes, too. You'll never see so many adults as excited for ice pops!

By Sheena Chihak
Updated June 28, 2018
Image courtesy of Pampered Chef

Booze-infused desserts are all the rage, and during these sweltering summer months none are as delicious as boozy ice pops! There are recipes galore, but there’s no escaping the freezing time required to make a yummy frozen dessert. Until the release of Pampered Chef’s coolest (it's ICE cold!) tool – The Quicksicle Maker!

Okay, okay, before you use it for the first time you need to account for freezing time for the machine itself, but from then on, just keep it in the freezer (in place of the ice cream containers you’ll no longer need to buy) so it’s ready whenever an ice pop craving hits. The gadget is smaller than you'd think, just a tad larger than a standard 1.5 quart or 1.75 quart of ice cream.

How's it work?

Make your recipe, add it to the pre-frozen machine with sticks inserted, freeze for as little as 8 minutes, remove and eat! The unit doesn’t even have to be plugged in and it requires no batteries, just ice pop sorcery they call quick-freeze technology! To hit that amazing 8 minute time, you’ll likely need to pre-chill your base mixture, but even if you don’t, you should be enjoying a homemade ice pop within 15 minutes of adding to the Quicksicle machine.

The ice pop base should be made of juices, chocolate milk, (plain milk can be used if sweetened with something like honey or maple syrup), sweetened condensed milk, lemonade, or pureed fruits. Plus, you can include thin slices of fruit for beautiful presentation. Get creative and use up ingredients in your fridge to create endless flavor options.

Need help getting started on what to put in your pop? Try these booze-free, kid-friendly ice pop ideas for inspiration:

Image courtesy of Pampered Chef

The real fun comes in adding a bit of booze. Add up to 1 tablespoon of alcohol per boozy pop (if you add more than that the mixture won’t set up solid enough). Give some of our boozy ice pops a try in your new gadget.

Trendy moms with teething kids are even making Quicksicle breast milk pops! There isn't much in the ice pop arena that it can't do. Get the new kitchen gadget online for under $60.

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July 16, 2018
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