Best-Ever Meals in a Bowl (That Are NOT Soup)

Not soup. And not cold cereal either. These meals are just as flavor-packed and nutrient-filled as any other meal, but they're served in a bowl. Which, in our opinion, makes them way cooler. Get in on the trend of burrito bowls, smoothie bowls, noodle bowls, all the bowls!

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    Quinoa and Butternut Bowl

    Stir cinnamon-and-nutmeg-infused butternut squash, maple syrup, and lemon juice into cooked quinoa. While this is technically a brunch recipe, we think it's savory and filling enough to pass for lunch or dinner!

    Editor's Tip: A poached egg on top complements the flavors perfectly.

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    Dilled Shrimp and Orzo Bowl

    Asparagus and dill weed give this seafood-and-pasta dish its flavor. The recipe takes only 35 minutes from start to finish!

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    Fried Chicken Dinner in a Bowl

    Winner, winner, chicken a bowl. This well-rounded recipe ensures everyone gets enough of everything: fried chicken, slaw, beans, bread, and veggies. Plus, it makes 10 servings!

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    Korean Bibimbap

    Build your own authentic Korean rice bowl at home using our DIY formula that starts with a scrumptious bulgogi-marinated steak and ends with a just-spicy-enough gochujang (red chili paste) sauce. Don't forget to put an egg on it!

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    Burrito Bowls

    Chopped cauliflower makes this recipe hearty while keeping it low carb. Taco seasoning, poblano pepper, and pico de gallo amp up the flavor!

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    Chicken and Chickpea Buddha Bowls

    Veggies, veggies, veggies, a bit of chicken, and crunchy chickpeas -- this healthy recipe feeds your soul and stomach. Your mom would be so proud of you for eating so well.

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    Bacon and Egg Rice Bowls

    Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? We won't judge if you make this cheesy bacon and egg bowl for every meal of the day.

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    Winter Garden Polenta

    Creamy polenta is topped with a variety of vegetables in this healthy recipe that's perfect for warming up cold nights. Top with crumbled Parmesan for a cheesy garnish, because why wouldn't you.

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    Pork and Noodle Bowl

    With only five ingredients, this colorful dish is super easy to make. Just combine pork chops, Asian salad dressing, whole wheat spaghetti, and broccoli slaw for a healthy dish with surprising flavor. Then top with sliced almonds!

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    Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowls

    Breakfast in a bowl is not limited to cereal. Pineapple, toasted coconut, and mint make these smoothie bowls extra delicious.

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    Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry

    Two steps is all this 30-minute meal takes. Make a sauce, add the squash and chickpeas, and voila! 

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    Chicken Meatball Noodle Bowl

    This recipe is part salad, part pasta with meatballs on top. Just toss the mixture in a bowl with the delicious lime juice and honey sauce and no one will ask questions.

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    Farro, Bean, and Sweet Potato Braise

    Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and celery don't just add color to this grain-based dish, they add tons of flavor too (oh yeah, and some nutrition)! 

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    Spicy Beef-Noodle Bowl

    Skip takeout and make this beef and broccoli dish at home instead. With only seven ingredients and a start-to-finish time of 20 minutes, making it yourself is probably easier anyway!

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    Veggie and Fish Noodle Bowl

    Three food groups, one bowl, consider dinner done!

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    Bulgur Salad with Chickpeas, Feta, and Mint

    Subtle in flavor bulgur and chickpeas collide with feta, mint, lime, and lots of garlic in this grain salad. 

    Editor's Tip: If you prefer, swap bulgur for cooked brown rice or quinoa (just omit step 1). And eliminate chicken for a vegetarian meal!

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    Almond Noodle Bowl

    Sesame oil, almond butter, coconut milk, lime juice, soy sauce, and spices combine to make the zippy yet creamy sauce for this stir-fry. Therefore, serving in bowls is a must.

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    Baked Oatmeal

    Sure, oatmeal is always served in a bowl. But this recipe is so much more filling than typical hot cereal -- making it perfect for brunch (or breakfast or dinner!). Two types of oats, bran, and fresh fruit pack in extra fiber.

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    Quinoa with Sausage and Peppers

    Sausage and peppers, plus vinegar and mustard, give quinoa a zesty flavor in this three-step recipe. Mix the ingredients together in the morning, then let your slow cooker do the rest of the work!

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    Soba Noodle Bowl

    At first glance, you may think "this looks like soup." But not so fast...we'd argue that the ratio between broth and chicken, soba, carrots, and sugar snap peas disqualifies it from the soup category. Either way, jalapeno pepper and soy sauce give the recipe unexpected kick.

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