Maple Syrup Ice Cubes Add Fall Flavor to All Your Favorite Drinks

A simple blend of frozen pure maple syrup and water is just what your cold brew (and every fall drink) needs.

It's officially my favorite season (yay, fall!) and I'm so excited for all the pumpkin-flavored drinks and warm-spiced desserts the season brings. My favorite recent discovery of a pumpkin-spiced version of the internet-famous dalgona coffee now has some competition (or maybe a new friend): maple syrup ice cubes. It turns out that adding pure maple syrup to water and freezing them into ice cubes makes the perfect naturally-sweet addition to cold brew, cocktails, and more. The maple syrup-flavor cubes are already gaining traction on social media, with users adding them to iced tea and this maple pumpkin spice iced latte (which I totally have heart eyes for).

maple ice cubes in iced coffee
Courtesy of Cristy Alvarado / Quebec Maple Syrup Producers

How to Make Maple Syrup Ice Cubes

After some trial and error, Thomas Bolton, Maker's Mark Distillery Diplomat, found the best consistency for the maple syrup ice cubes when using two parts pure maple syrup ($17, Target) to one part water. By doing this, he says the ice cube holds its shape but is less dense than a traditional water ice cube so it melts a little faster. Yes, this is one time when you hope your ice melts faster because it infuses that maple flavor.

You can use whatever ice cube trays you have, but Bolton used large ice molds ($16, Crate & Barrel) to make 2x2-inch maple syrup ice cubes for his cocktails. It's really up to you on the amount of water and maple syrup you use. For more inspiration, check out the maple ice cube recipes at Maple from Canada, which include flavor variations such as cardamom and ginger.

How to Use Maple Syrup Ice Cubes

There are so many cold drinks that can benefit from the addition of these sweet maple syrup ice cubes. Heck, even your hot drinks could benefit if they're too hot to drink. Fruity iced tea and iced lattes seem like good places to start. I'm thinking the pumpkin spice whipped coffee with oat milk and a hint of maple from these frosty cubes sounds pretty spectacular.

As for the adults, Bolton says bourbon has naturally occurring flavor notes (vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon, to name a few) that pair nicely with maple syrup. One of the easiest drinks to serve with maple syrup ice cubes is a Manhattan. Bolton served the classic cocktail as a pour-over so guests controlled how much of the drink went over the ice cube. "It's a transitional cocktail because the drink gets sweeter as the ice melts," Bolton says.

For even more fall flavor, try adding some maple syrup ice cubes to an apple cider cocktail. Oh, and serving some maple cookies or pumpkin cheesecake bites with maple caramel sauce on the side is never a bad idea.

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