7 Sweet Letter and Number Cake Ideas to Personalize Your Party

The biggest cake trend of 2018 is all about customization. Get inspired by these masterpieces to make your next birthday party or shower even sweeter.


Put a special signature on your next party dessert by shaping it into a monogram or number to celebrate the guest of honor! For example, choose an "M" to toast Mary's birthday or a "25" in honor of an anniversary. Personalized cakes such as these are taking Instagram by storm and @betterhomesandgardens fans can't get enough.

With rock star bakers like @christinacupcakes and @adikosh123 launching the trend, hosts have been hitting the kitchen to layer traditional, cream tart cakes, or biscuit tart cakes in fitting shapes. Look for large cookie cutters, or simply use a knife to trim your sheet cake—then all that's left to do is snap a photo, slice, and serve.

Prepare to swoon as you scroll through seven of our favorite letter- and number-shape cakes, and don't miss our how-to tips and tricks so you can craft your own at home.

1. Go under the sea with mermaid-theme accessories.

Pastel macaron cookies are a spot-on sweet substitute for clams once you add sprinkle pearls inside. Stack on shell-shape cookies and other Little Mermaid-like garnishes to amaze your #1 swimming fan.

2. Plant more interest with meringue cookies.

Even when you pile on a whole garden-full, meringue cookies and whipped frosting won't crush your delicate cream tart cake. Try our Strawberry Meringue Cookies recipe and tweak the simple, fruity formula to match your dessert's color scheme (kiwi would be fun for green!).

3. Alternate edible flowers and spring-colored macarons.

Flower and macaron cakes have been growing in popularity since they first debuted in Australia a couple years ago, and this unique custom twist mashes up that concept with the thoughtful number cream tart cake idea.


4. Pile on cookies and candies for the chocoholics.

In addition to a signature shape, the topping selection can give a nod to the guest of honor's preferences (think a mix of candy bar bites, cookies, and chocolates). Whoever is turning 5 must sure love cocoa!

5. Mix the succulent cake and monogram cake trends.

As garden fiends, we're still crushing on the succulent cake motif. This lovely cupcake twist combines the almost-too-pretty-to-eat idea with a monogram for a centerpiece that's ideal for a smaller-scale bash.

6. Clean out the candy jar.

For a slice that's a surefire sugar rush (and a smart way to use up leftover candy), build a puzzle with mini cookies, unwrapped candies, and animal crackers. Don't forget the sprinkles to fill in any gaps.

7. Build the world's most modern fruit cake.

Far from grandma's brick-like Christmas cake, this tender and moist red velvet creation features fresh fruit decor. Use seasonal berries, grapes, stone fruit slices, and/or pomegranate arils for naturally sweet results.

BH&G's Best Creative Cake Ideas

Cute Owl Cake

Keep your apron on and bake up more picture-perfect party desserts.

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