These Are America's Least Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

Do you have strong opinions on whether candied yams or cranberry sauce belong on the table? Find out if the rest of the country agrees with you.

The centerpiece of most Thanksgiving tables is a giant roast turkey, but let's be real—the holiday feast is all about the side dish game. For me, it's piling up my plate with mashed potatoes, dressing, sweet potatoes, and my mom's creamy corn. Everyone has their favorites, but do your favorites line up with everyone else? Is America pro- or anti-cranberry sauce? With the help of a recent Instacart survey via The Harris Poll of 2,000 Americans, you're about to find out. With 91% of the country planning to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner this year and 85% serving up the traditional feast fare, see if your menu (and taste preferences) align with the majority.

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The Worst Thanksgiving Sides, According to Americans

Everyone has an opinion on what Thanksgiving side dishes belong on the table. Honestly, I'm a bit shocked by the lack of appetite for candied yams (aka sweet potatoes where I live) and sweet potato casseroles. There's just something about adding the perfect amount of sweet flavor to the rest of the savory items on the plate. To each their own, though. I do, however, completely understand the low interest in a salad. As much as I love salad as an everyday component of my meals, it usually ends up on my plate at the holidays solely for the healthier side dish aspect. The numbers aren't blatantly against any turkey day sides, but these are the dishes Americans really don't like:

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Divided on Cranberries

We already have 24% of Americans agreeing on cranberry sauce being one of the worst Thanksgiving sides, but the breakdown of numbers goes further into the type of tart red sauce to pair with the bird as well.

So how did your opinion on Thanksgiving sides line up with the rest of the country? If you're still planning the feast, use our menu ideas and favorite pies for inspiration.

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