The latest pickle product to hit the market came just in time for summer. Rehydrate this season with Pickle-Ice!

By Hannah Bruneman
May 09, 2017
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courtesy of Van Holten's

Pickle lovers, unite! Fans of the sour snack will be happy to hear that one company is creating even more ways to enjoy pickles… only this time, it's without the crunch.

Van Holten's, the company famous for its pre-packaged single pickle packs, has release their latest product, Pickle-Ice. Exactly what it sounds like, Pickle-Ice is the frozen version of the brine their pickles bathe in. Each Pickle-Ice comes in a convenient freeze pop tube that requires no spoons or straws. The cold treat is refreshing and packed with pickle flavor. 

Aside from taming your pickle cravings, Pickle-Ice may reap some health benefits, as well. Pickle brine is known to hold electrolytes that your body usually loses after a long work out, and drinking the juice is said to help with recovery. Athletes have also used pickle juice to relieve muscle cramps. Van Holten's promises that Pickle-Ice will carry all these benefits, plus more. The new product is being marketed to athletes as a post-workout supplement.

"Enhanced with electrolytes Pickle-Ice aids in keeping your body hydrated, balanced, and performing at peak levels," says Van Holten's.

The new product joins the company's impressive line of other pickle products including the Big Papa pickle, the Garlic Joe pickle, and Pickleback Real Pickle Brine, a bottled version of their pickle brine encouraged to drink with alcohol.

To try Pickle-Ice yourself, or to buy for a pickle-loving friend, you can purchase an eight-pack or 48-pack on Amazon. Or, you can wait until November, when they will be available to retailers nationwide. 


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