Healthy Home Grocery Delivery Choices Grow as Amazon Acquires Whole Foods

Here's how you can stock up on Whole Foods groceries quicker and easier than ever. Plus, learn more about other home delivery services that offer super-simple meal options.
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In case you missed it, Amazon bought Whole Foods.

Following the digital shopping trends of our time, the major online retailer is grabbing at a big opportunity to expand its grocery department. With home delivery services getting faster and more convenient than ever, we expect this to be a big move for Amazon and Whole Foods' massive followings. Conscious eaters and foodies everywhere won't even have to leave their homes to get organic veggies and quinoa in their kitchen.

As of February 2018, Amazon Prime members in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Virginia Beach can order $35+-worth of Whole Foods groceries and have them arrive on their doorstep within two hours—with expanded speedy delivery territory coming soon. 

The Amazon and Whole Foods mash-up is far from the first online food ordering/delivery service, however. With more players in the marketplace, consumers can likely expect lower costs in the future as companies fight for clients.

Keep reading to learn more about five popular home delivery services that make suppper a cinch.

Blue Apron

Courtesy of Blue Apron

You probably recognize the name of this company from your social media feed. Fans of Blue Apron are loyal and love to post videos and pictures of their deliveries. The difference between Blue Apron and online grocery shopping? Blue Apron is a weekly meal plan that comes with all the ingredients you need to make delicious dinners for your family. They work with farmers to choose the ingredients that will be fresh by the time they arrive at your door. The Blue Apron team does the meal planning and shopping for you, so even the busiest people can make healthy meals at home.

There are two plan options with Blue Apron. The 2-Person Plan offers three recipes to each feed two people. Deliveries are once a week and cost $59.94 for the 6-serving delivery. The Family Plan is designed to serve families of four. Each week, you will receive two or four recipes, depending on what plan you choose. The two-recipe plan is $71.92 a week, and the four-recipe plan is $143.84 a week.

Hello Fresh

Courtesy of Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is another meal plan delivery service that comes with fresh ingredients and recipes. However, instead of the company doing all the planning, users are able to select what they want to eat that week. Hello Fresh chefs and dietitians put together 13 new recipes weekly, of which subscribers can pick based on their dietary needs and taste preferences. Adventurous types can opt to have the Hello Fresh team design the menu.

The Classic Plan can serve three to five meals for two people or it can accommodate three meals for four people. Each serving in the Classic Plan is $9.99. The Family Plan serves four people and comes with the option to choose two or three meals a week. Each Family Plan meal costs $8.74 per person. There is also a Veggie Plan option that costs $9.99 per serving. 


Courtesy of Plated

Healthy meals are important, but what is life without a little dessert? Plated offers ingredient-delivery services with planned recipes, and to make your weeknights a little sweeter, they throw in the option to cap off the night with something sweet. Subscribers handpick their meals each week from an original chef-designed menu to make sure they'll love what they get. Menus can be categorized by meat, veggie, seafood, gluten-free, spicy, and more.

Plated separates their meal plans by servings per night. Three and four servings per night come to $9.95 per plate, while the two-serving plan costs $11.95 per serving. First-time diners get their first Plated night free. 

Peach Dish

Courtesy of Peach Dish

Not quite ready to commit to a package of meals? Consider Peach Dish. This wholesome meal-planning site offers memberships, but also individual meal purchases so diners can try their hand at delivery home cooking. Options include quick-fix meals, meats and seafood, superfood options, and more. (Peach Dish also has a market section that sells single ingredients, such as lavender sea salt or fresh smoked salmon.)

Individual dishes are priced around $25 for two servings.

Takeout Kit

Courtesy of Takeout Kit

This company saw one big problem with meal subscription services: expiration dates. For business travelers and full-time students, sometimes it's not possible to make all of your meals within one week. Takeout Kit offers meal kits that each have a shelf life of two months. This one is perfect for stocking your pantry full of good, quality ingredients you can enjoy on your own time. Because we are most familiar with ingredients that have a short shelf life, this is a great way to introduce your family to new foods like curry noodles or Korean soft tofu stew.

Users purchase meal kits on an individual basis, not by subscription. Meals start at $7.50 per serving. For a taste of the plan, try the Bestseller Sampler, which includes their top three bestsellers to feed three to four adults each. 

Instant noodles in a jar take the stress out of dinner time. They are easily transported, and simply heated up in the microwave.


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