The 13 Best Aldi Products Our Editors Buy Over and Over Again

Take a look at our staff's favorite Aldi products and see if there's a new treat you might have missed in the fan-favorite grocery store.

It's no secret Aldi has a huge fan base. There are literally social media groups devoted to all the wonderful products sold by the supermarket chain. Our team here at Better Homes & Gardens is no different and we love talking about the latest, greatest food finds at favorite spots such as Aldi and Trader Joe's. Not only is Aldi super affordable, but each aisle is also packed with delicious, wholesome foods. Whether you're gluten-free, vegan, or need new Keto-friendly options for your menu, there are plenty of items to meet everyone's dietary needs. Here are some of our favorite Aldi products we can't go without.

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1. Southern Grove Chili Lime Cashews

If you're anything like us, working from home made it way too easy to reach for snacks. To keep things a bit healthier, digital senior associate home editor Caitlin Sole tries to have nuts or fruit on hand. "These chili-lime cashews have a tasty mix of citrus and spice," she says. "Aldi also has salt-and-pepper cashews that are equally delightful."

2. Earth Grown Veggie Burgers

Burgers and fries are a combo I can't resist. As a flexitarian (that rarely eats red meat), these veggie burgers hit the spot. There are a few delicious flavor options, but I highly recommend the black bean chipotle or quinoa crunch options. I love throwing a patty in my air fryer and eating it on a bed of greens for a quick, healthy lunch.

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3. Fresh Salmon

Incorporating seafood into your weekly meals is essential for anyone following a Mediterranean diet or trying to naturally reduce inflammation. Salmon is digital senior food editor Sheena Chihak's favorite fish option, but it can be crazy expensive, which is why she always grabs one or two packs of the fresh, never frozen salmon at Aldi. "Admittedly, I often freeze one of them for later," she says. "But it tastes great and costs way less."

4. Alternative Milks

With nondairy milk beverages such as almond or oat milk trendier than ever, they can be a bit costly. That's why Sole believes they're the best thing to buy at Aldi. "They taste comparable to name brand products but for less dollars," she says.

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5. Avocados

This Aldi product is great in helping keep fresh produce stocked on a budget. Our holidays and entertaining editor Sarah Martens always grabs avocados because the selection is always great and she can stock up without spending a small fortune. "My daughters can each eat an entire avocado in one sitting so we go through a lot of them," she says. "Sometimes I'll grab all the fixings for homemade guacamole, and we'll just have that and chips for dinner. Always a winner in our house."

6. General Tso's Gluten-Free Chicken

For those with a gluten intolerance, it's hard to find allergy-friendly meal items at your favorite takeout spot. Sole enjoys this Aldi product for an easy weeknight meal or even a fast lunch. "I typically pair it with rice and broccoli to make it more substantial," she says. "Plus, you can swap the provided sauce packet for your favorite seasoning if desired."

7. Baby Food Puree Pouches

Over the last few years, Aldi has become our associate editorial director Rachel Weber's go-to grocery store. One of her favorite Aldi products? The baby food pouches. "I've got two little boys and it's a great way to sprinkle in vegetables as a snack," she says. "And I enjoy the pouches when I'm in a time crunch."

8. Potato Chips

Aldi is known for its Weekly Finds or limited-edition products that arrive on shelves seasonally. A must-try for Sole is all the fun flavors of potato chips. They're only stocked while supplies last, so if you find a bag of Cuban sandwich flavor or pickle-ranch flavor chips, grab them!

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9. Specially Selected Aged Reserve White Cheddar

I love cheese, but don't always want to pay a small fortune for a block. Thankfully Aldi has a generous selection of gourmet cheeses that rival more expensive products in fancier shops. This aged white cheddar is fairly mild and costs less than $3 per package. It's a great addition to a charcuterie board, but I particularly enjoy its pungent flavor paired with apple slices for a snack.

10. Organic Frozen Produce

Weber considers the frozen produce an Aldi must-have. Whether it's broccoli, butternut squash, spinach, or sweet potatoes, there's always a few bags stocked for easy, healthy sides or to complete a quick dinner recipe.

11. Southwest Chopped Salad Kit

This bagged salad is far from boring. The Aldi must-have comes packed with a greens blend of crunchy cabbage, kale, and romaine lettuce, and is topped with an irresistible Greek yogurt jalapeño dressing. Sole likes adding pepitas, avocado, and proteins to the bowl.

12. Mama Cozzi's Take and Bake Deli Pizza

I love that fresh-out-of-the-oven taste of pizza. When I don't want to order carryout or make my own pizza from scratch, I opt for this seriously delicious Aldi product. There's a variety of flavors, but I usually go for the extra-large five-cheese pizza (for just around $5!) and load it up with fresh veggies from my fridge.

13. LiveGFree Pancake and Baking Mix

Weber is a big fan of keeping a box of this Aldi product stocked to make an allergy-friendly breakfast for herself and her kids. Not only can you make fluffy pancakes, but the mix is excellent for waffles, biscuits, and muffins, too.

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