The solar eclipse is on the horizon, and people are celebrating coast to coast. Because no party is complete without good eats, stock up on the ingredients to create these sky-themed, cloud-inspired, sunshiny, and pitch-black recipes in honor of the once-every-40-years occasion.

By Karla Walsh

Make sunny-side up eggs even sunnier by cooking them in a sun-shape cutout in toast. You'll be fueled for a day of sky celebrations if you start with this well-balanced breakfast.

Shooting Star Cookies

Come snacktime, reach for the stars (on the dessert spread). Almond cookies turn eclipse party-appropriate once you add a royal icing sparkly star, moon, or sun design.

Grand Autumn Cocktail

While this whiskey cocktail has "autumn" in the name, we see nothing but summer sunshine. Made with lime juice and ginger beer, it tastes like a Moscow Mule's spicier cousin. Mix up a big batch if the eclipse happens to pass by your area around happy hour! 

Blue Cheese & Bacon Cloud Eggs

The clouds and sun are on full display in this trendy breakfast recipe. An egg white nest is home to a sunny, runny yolk. Cover in more bacon for a more complete "eclipse."

Sunshine Cake

Reminder: Eye safety is key during the solar eclipse. This bright cake got the memo! All you need to create this kid-friendly dessert is boxed cake mix, frosting, chocolate pieces, and edible glitter.

Browned Butter-Glazed Macadamia Moons

No-sweat entertaining tip: If you're hosting a crowd, bake these moon-shape cookies up to three days ahead, then glaze just before guests arrive. Enjoy these macadamia moons dunked in a cup of black coffee to fit the shadowy theme.

Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes

The moment the sun hides behind the moon is the perfect time to break out a dark chocolate dessert, like these single-serving cakes. While everyone else is admiring the eclipse (wearing safety glasses, of course), they'll be too busy to notice you snagging a second treat. Our little secret!

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