Cloud Eggs are the New Fluffy Breakfast Trend

Avocado toast is so yesterday. See how people are making their eggs lighter and fluffier than ever!

We never thought a meringue could be made savory, but cloud eggs are proving us wrong. This trendy food, also known as eggs in a cloud, is joining the extensive list of ways to scramble, boil, or fry your morning eggs. Foodies everywhere are loving it for the delicious taste and the gorgeous plating potential.

What looks like an egg yolk placed delicately in a bed of fluffy meringue, is actually a cloud of egg whites. The dish is make by whipping the egg whites until they're a light and airy consistency (much like a meringue). The whites are then formed into clouds, baked slightly golden, and removed from the oven. From there, egg yolks are added to the middle and popped back in the oven to finish cooking. The result is a savory, light breakfast that is almost too pretty to eat. Take a look at how fans of cloud eggs are making the dish their own. 

Cloudy Day

It seems the most popular way to enjoy a cloud egg is on toast. Following the likes of avocado toast and sweet potato toast, this hearty breakfast is simply delicious. Serve this up at your next brunch to be the hostess with the mostess. 

Dress It Up

Don't be afraid to get creative while making your cloud eggs. While they're baking in the oven, rummage your refrigerator for spare ingredients. This egg enthusiast whipped up a caprese salad-inspired cloud egg with tomato and balsamic. 

Keep it Simple

Egg clouds are so delicious on their own, you don't need much to dress them up. This picture-perfect meal is complete with just a sprinkle of sesame seeds on tops. Egg clouds really give a new meaning to starting your day sunny-side-up. 

Brunch Bunch

Egg clouds are great as a main dish, but work just as well as a side. Contribute these to your next brunch and they will be a hit! Combined with other savory dishes and a stack or two of pancakes, egg clouds will help fuel your weekend plans. 

Properly beating egg whites is one of the most important baking skills you can master. Watch as our kitchen expert demonstrates her secrets to beating eggs that will result in light and airy cakes, souffles, and meringues.


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