Blue Wine Will be the Drink of Summer

This summer, pour yourself a glass of blue wine. It's gorgeous, delicious, and on its way to the United States soon!

Choosing wine is no longer a choice of red or white. Following the hugely successful wave of rose wine, comes a color you've never seen in the wine aisle. Blue!

Making its way from Europe to the United States, blue wine is popping up everywhere on social media. Its unique and glistening color makes for the perfect sunset shot. Like any other color, blue wine comes in a variety of hues. From deep blue like the ocean to an almost translucent sky blue, these all taste delicious. Check out why blue wine is making a splash in the beverage world from the companies and wine drinkers themselves. 

Naturally Blue

Spanish winemaker Gik sought to switch up the traditional wine market. Made from a mix of purple and white grapes and organic pigments, Gik wine claims to be a rebellious brand by thinking out of the box… or bottle. They currently only sell overseas, but have plans to bring their blue drink to the United States soon. 

Sunny Day

One blue wine connoisseur is embracing the colorful trend where wine is best enjoyed… outside! Surrounded by nature and the sun's shining rays, this glass of Gik is refreshingly beautiful. Your backyard won't be complete without it this summer. 

Why So Blue?

Saraceni Wines is taking the blue wine trend and making it their own with this perfectly sweet prosecco called Blumond. This sparkling wine is light, bubbly, and comes in a cheery blue hue. The winemakers at Saraceni claim this wine to be perfect for special occasions such as weddings or celebrations. Bottles are available in a miniature size, too. We'll toast to that!

Wine and Cheese

Looking for the perfect complement to your charcuterie board? Search no further than sweet blue prosecco. This casual diner proved that wine and cheese is best enjoyed around friends, especially when the wine is as unique as Blumond. 

Lunch With a View

There is no shortage of blue wines, especially overseas, where they were made popular. This Mediterranean winery makes its own version of the bright blue wine and it pairs well with a seaside lunch. Who knew paradise was so blue?

Sunset Sips

No matter where you drink it, blue wine is something to behold. Striking against a fiery sunset, this glass is meant to be photographed. We can't wait to get our hands on a bottle, or three, of this trending drink! 

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