8 Stunning Succulent Cakes That Are Too Pretty to Eat

The latest cake trend is naturally beautiful and so delicious.

You probably don't bat an eye at flowers piped onto a cake. But succulents? That's something new. Cake decorators everywhere are ditching the petals and frosting bouquets for something a little trendier. Succulents, in all their shapes and sizes, are the latest cake topper you must try. Made carefully from buttercream, these edible plants look so real and taste even better. Before we try our hand at piping out a few ourselves, we looked for some succulent inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. Check out our favorites.

Yes, there really is a cake hidden under all that beauty.

Unless you're making a naked cake, we would never suggest going light on the frosting. These buttercream air plants are each made by hand and delicately placed onto the cake. The result is a dessert bursting with color, texture, and creativity. 

Roses give this succulent wreath an elegant touch.

Don't be afraid to mix up your flora—just like in a real garden. Dusty pink roses lend a pretty, feminine detail to this otherwise earthy design. The cream-color cake beneath provides a neutral background so the intricate wreath can take the spotlight. 

The cutest cupcake we ever did see!

It only takes one frosting tip to make a tasty succulent like this. Topped with edible beads, this cupcake will look like a million bucks, though it will hardly take up any of your time. Health-conscious guests will appreciate the portion-controlled bites. 

This succulent garden drips over the edge in the most beautiful way.

It's all in the details with this succulent cake. Make your own dripping succulent garden by starting with a layer of white buttercream frosting covering all sides. Press a smooth butter knife alongside the cake while rotating the base for a subtle spiral design

Rich greens and purples bring out the natural beauty in succulents.

Two-tone leaves are easier to achieve than you may think. Spread a thin strip of purple frosting around the inside of your piping bag. Then fill the remainder with green. The result is a natural-looking leaf that fades from green to purple. 

The only thing cuter than a succulent garden is this birthday banner.

This banner is made using grilling skewers and a printable design. Customize your sign to fit the occasion, or start with construction paper and make your own. 

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Each cupcake is like its own terrarium!

Use different tips and piping techniques to create each of the succulents on these mini masterpieces. Try crushed graham crackers or light brown sugar as a sandy base for your "plants." These look almost too pretty to eat. (We said almost!)

Simple and sweet: We love the details on this cake.

This baker wanted a nice cake for her husband's birthday, but without the typical rose and floral design. She found the perfect blend of feminine and masculine with this simple succulent cake. Bare designs like this one also save a piece or two for folks who prefer a smaller cake-to-frosting ratio. 

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