Cookie lovers and ice cream lovers, your dream dessert has arrived!

By Sheena Chihak
May 01, 2018
Image provided by Ben & Jerry's
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

New Flavors are Here!

Exclusively at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops, the three newest dough-packed flavors are here! They are:

  1. Chip off the Dough Block: It's exactly the deliciousness you think it is. A combo of chocolate chip and chocolate ice creams with chocolate chip cookie dough (everyone's favorite) and chocolate chip cookies. 
  2. PB Doughable Chocolate: The ultimate decadence, this new flavor is made of dark AND milk chocolate ice creams with peanut butter cookie dough and peanut butter cookie butter swirled in. Dare you to resist.
  3. CinnDoughRella: Okay, this one isn't cookie dough-filled, it's actually cinnamon and caramel ice creams loaded with cinnamon bun dough (uh, yum!), shortbread cookies, and swirls of cinnamon-oatmeal cookies. So, while there's no cookie dough there's cinnamon bun dough AND actual cookies. No downside here.

Got You Craving Cookie Dough?

Safe-to-Eat Monster Cookie Dough

With all this talk of cookie dough, you can whip up your own safe-to-eat (no raw eggs here) cookie dough at home with our Safe-to-Eat Monster Cookie Dough recipe. If there isn't a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop near you, try adding this cookie dough to your fave flavor at home.


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