Who knew these trays were so versatile?

By Hannah Bruneman
June 02, 2016

Ah, the ice cube tray, arguably the kitchen's most humble tool. Especially when you consider all the amazing things you can do with it. Cool off this summer with this roundup of the best ice cube tray hacks around!

Fruit Smoothie Cubes

Have fresh, seasonal smoothies all year round with these fruit cubes. Before your fruit goes bad, puree it and store in the freezer. Next time you want a delicious smoothie, just pop these in the blender with yogurt and anything else you're craving!

Get the directions from The Things We'll Make

Ice Chalk

For a fun summer activity that will spark your kid's imagination while cooling him down, make this great ice chalk. It draws like regular chalk, except it melts as you play, causing the colorful liquids to run together and make bright, beautiful pictures. It's messy, but so worth it! This blogger has several different 'recipes' including both scented and rainbow ice chalk.

Get the instructions from Reading Confetti

Layered Ice Cubes

Pop these frozen juice cubes into any drink, such as sparkling water, and they will gradually add flavor as they melt. Mix and match your favorite juices to get a combination that is just right for you! Plus, the layered colors are gorgeous.

Get the recipe from The View From Great Island

Yogurt and Pomegranate Bites

Smooth and refreshing to eat, and beyond simple to make. What could be better? These cubes are perfect for snacking. Vary it up by replacing the pomegranate with another fruit, or switch out the plain yogurt for your favorite flavor.

Get the recipe from May I Have That Recipe?

Aloe Vera Cubes

On record-hot days, even the best SPF can leave you with a painful sunburn. When you or your little ones are in need of speedy relief, these aloe vera cubes do the trick. Just be sure you aren't freezing these in the same trays you use for regular ice!

Get the instructions from The Dumbbelle

Floral Ice Cubes

You're one step closer to hosting the perfect tea party with these floral beauties. Freeze edible flowers in ice cubes and use them to keep your favorite Rosé chilled. Be sure to use distilled water that has been boiled to make sure the ice is clear and not cloudy.

Get the instructions from Holicoffee

Fresh Herb Cubes

You may already use your freezer to preserve fresh herbs for the winter, but storing them in frozen olive oil yields even more benefits. Not only does it help prevent freezer burn and browning, but it also adds a boost of flavor as the oil is infused with the herbs. Just don't forget to label what herbs you are using!

Get the recipe from The Kitchn

Ice Cream Cubes

This one is simple. Scoop your favorite ice cream into an ice cube tray and freeze. Your kids will love popping these into a glass of milk for a flavorful sweetener. For the adults in the house, these also pair well with coffee floats.

Get the recipe from Dreyer's

Latte Ice Cubes

Be your own barista with these frozen coffee cubes. Freeze equal parts milk and coffee for a layered cube ready to pop into a blender. Instead of paying a ridiculous amount for a fancy frozen craft beverage, just blend a handful of these with milk and start sipping.

Get the recipe from Imma Eat That

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Get all the decadence of chocolate covered strawberries without the mess or labor. Deep ice cube trays ensure the perfect chocolate-to-strawberry ratio. These are great for your next spa night or wine tasting!

Get the recipe from Cheap Recipe Blog


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