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At Better Homes and Gardens we're always keeping an eye out for new food trends. Here are the food trends we think you'll soon be seeing on restaurant menus, on grocery store shelves, and in your own kitchen.

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Here's How Much You Should Actually Tip for Food Services

How much do you tip the coffee barista? What about at a takeout spot? We asked the experts to dish on best practices for tipping in every food-related situation, and here's what they had to say.

5 Foods to Eat When You're Feeling Off

It's no secret that certain foods can help improve your mood (especially when you're hangry), but there are all kinds of foods you can eat to feel better. If you're stressed, tired, bloated, or even if you had one too many cocktails last night, try these suggestions for foods that will have you feeling like yourself again in no time.

7 Food Trends We Hope Stay in 2018

Enough already with the rainbow-hue "unicorn" foods and the charcoal detox drinks. Here are the 2018 food trends we hope drop in popularity quicker than the ball drops on December 31.

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Bonus: The starchy tropical root veggie is also Paleo-friendly since it's free of processed sugars and grains.