Shoppers Are Ditching Their Chip Clips for This Gadget That Tightly Seals Snack Bags—and You Can Get 2 for $15

It’s editor-approved, too.

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mempedont Mini Bag Sealer
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Maintaining the freshness of chips, crackers, and cereal after opening them can be more difficult than it seems. Even if you have a kitchen drawer full of rubber bands and chip clips, they don't provide an airtight seal needed to keep dried goods from getting stale. And while food storage containers are handy solutions to keep pantry items fresh and streamline your cabinet, they're often expensive, with some costing $25 apiece. If you're looking for a way to safely seal snacks without investing in expensive food storage systems, consider this editor-approved mini bag sealer that quickly seals food stored in plastic bags.

The Mempedont Mini Bag Sealer is a small, battery-operated kitchen gadget that uses heat to tightly seal the plastic bags that hold chips, snacks, frozen produce, and even the liner bags in your cereal and cracker boxes. "From bags of pretzels in the pantry to tater tots in the freezer, this little tool is so much easier to use than chip clips and keeps food fresher longer," Rachel Weber, Editorial Director of said. Right now, you can get the set of two mini bag sealers for 25% off at Amazon when you use the clickable coupon applied at checkout.

mempedont Mini Bag Sealer
Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Mempedont Mini Bag Sealer, $15 with coupon (was $19), Amazon

The compact mini bag sealer set heats up in three to five seconds and closes plastic bags in one quick movement—simply press the plus sign and swiftly slide the sealer along the bag's edge to create an airtight seal. You can also cut open a previously sealed bag, by removing the hook, pressing the minus symbol, and slicing across the top of the bag. Moreover, the palm-sized kitchen tool can fit right in your purse or tote to carry you through family events, potlucks, and camping. Just note that it can only be used on plastic, so avoid using the sealer on paper or aluminum materials.

Thousands of shoppers gave the kitchen gadget a five-star rating because it's easy to use and keeps pantry staples fresh longer. One reviewer even used the bags to prevent moths from getting into their food. "This is great for us because I can make sure the bag is completely sealed," a reviewer wrote. "I prefer this over traditional chip bag clips due to the fact the[y] prevent the chips from going stale longer."

Head to Amazon to shop this customer- and editor-loved mini bag sealer set that keeps snacks fresh while it's on sale for $15.

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