Running out of at-home date night ideas? These restaurant accessories bring the ambience straight to your home.
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After a year of celebrating every holiday and special occasion at home, dinners in your dining room (or TV room, we're not judging!) are starting to feel less and less special. In fact, they may feel downright boring. That's why we've decided to step it up this Valentine's Day (or any day you want to make feel special) with a few easy tweaks to make a date night at home feel like dining out at the chicest restaurant in town. We've rounded up the best restaurant accessories to emulate the ambience of a fancy dinner date that can easily be enjoyed in the comfort and safety of your own home. From candlesticks to fancy glassware, dressing up that ever-so-monotonous spread of takeout can be more fun than you think.

Romantic dinner table with wine glasses and candles
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Set the Mood

Start with ambience. Each of these helpful tools adds a touch of elegance and class to your dinner table.

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Brass taper candle holders in a white dining room
Credit: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel


Nothing sets the scene of a romantic date night at home like a dimly lit room, shadows dancing on the walls, and a golden glow across the table. Ambience is key to making your home feel like a restaurant, and these candlesticks are an easy way to set the mood. The warm, antique brass gives a vintage elegance and the varying height options are perfect for dining tables of all shapes and sizes. Choose two alike sizes or mix and match for added depth and dimension.

Buy It: Emmett Antique Brass Taper Candle Holder ($19, Crate & Barrel)

candles and packaging for Brooklinen candles
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Votive Candles

In addition to filling the room with a warm glow, smaller, scented votive candles are fantastic for setting around the room for a subtle, spa-like atmosphere. These hand-poured, perfume-grade candles from Brooklinen are plant and mineral-based and come in rousing and sultry scents like Magic Hour, Dusk, and Nightcap.

Buy It: Scented Votive Candles ($51 for 4, Brooklinen)

Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player on white background
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A Music Source

This modern twist on a classic is an affordable way to enjoy both vintage records and specially curated playlists alike.  A romantic date night at home is nothing without some background tunes to set the mood, and this stylish music box is a fun addition to any room. Utilize the three-speed record player or swoon to your own music using the Bluetooth and built-in speakers.

Buy It: Victrola Parker Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player ($45, Amazon)

Kick It Off with a Cocktail

When dining out, the first thing you need to know is what you'd like to drink. Start your restaurant experience at home similarly with these drink tools. And if you or your dinner partner is abstaining, you can still use fancy drinkware for your mocktail recipes.

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Coupe glass with a drink and garnish on white background
Credit: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Upscale Drinkware

Starting off the meal with a cocktail is reminiscent of waiting at a dark and cozy bar while the server prepares your table, and it's a fun way to break up the meal and slow down the date. These coupe glasses are perfect for enjoying a splash of effervescence before dinner. To emulate that restaurant-feel even further, set some time aside for pre-dinner cocktails in a lounge-like area of the home, away from the table or kitchen.

Buy It: Aella Coupe Glasses ($14, Crate & Barrel)

Glass decanter on a pale purple background
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Cocktails not your thing? No problem! If you've been saving a special bottle of wine, now's the time to break it out. Decanting a fancy bottle of wine makes a romantic date night at home feel even that much more special. Pro tip? Decanters also make for a distinctive centerpiece. Even better pro tip? This vintage-inspired piece makes for an elegant last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your special someone. Gift it to them earlier on in the night, then pop it straight on the table so they can enjoy it right then and there.

Buy It: Greer Decanter ($38, Anthropologie)

Chill wine purifier on a glass of white wine
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Wine Purifier

Not looking to decant an entire bottle of wine? That's where this little gadget comes in. The Üllo Chill is designed to sit on top of your wine glass, so when you pour through its filtration system, it aerates, purifies, and even chills your wine in one easy step. This is a particularly fantastic accessory if you're lacking tabletop space and want something more compact. Enjoying a glass or two of perfectly chilled and aerated wine is one of the best parts of eating at a restaurant and this compact tool will make you feel like an at-home sommelier.

Buy It: Üllo Chill Wine Purifier ($90, Williams Sonoma)

Don't Forget the Bread

That moment after you've ordered your meal and the breadbasket arrives so you can nibble while sipping you wine is one of the best parts of dining out. Serve up your bread using restaurant-like accessories.

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Grey bread basket with warming tile inside
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Warming Breadbasket

If you're like me, filling up on fresh bread before dinner is probably a given. Nothing makes me feel like I'm at a restaurant more than anxiously eyeing a basket of freshly baked bread in the center of my table before a meal. Adding a bread course to your menu is an easy way to pace out dinner and give you and your date some extra time together, just like you would have if you were seated at your favorite date-night dinner spot. This set even comes with a terra-cotta tile that can be heated in the oven beforehand and then popped back in the basket to keep your bread warm and fresh.

Buy It: Heartfelt Breadbasket and Warming Tile Set ($50, Anthropologie)

Two bottles of Oleamea olive oil in a wooden container
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Quality Oil

Bread isn't the same without something to dip it in, and a dinner date at home is the perfect time to open a special bottle of artisan olive oil. We love this bottle from Oleamea because it's made with a single blend of olives that are cold-pressed within hours of being plucked from the tree. That means optimum freshness and a distinct peppery yet fruity flavor. Enjoy it with bread, on salads, or even drizzled over ice cream.

Buy It: Oleamea Private Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($23, Amazon)

Brew Something Special

After (or with) dessert, sip on a hot drink to wind down for the night and savor the end of the meal.

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Two Sorrento double walled glasses
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Double Walled Espresso Glasses

Enjoying a hot espresso while you wait for the bill is an aspect of restaurant dining that gets lost at home. While there won't be a bill to wait for (yay!), you can still sip something hot while you wind down and digest. These double-walled espresso cups are chic, elegant and a modern twist on the familiar handled mugs. Not into coffee? Enjoy them with a hot toddy or warm spiced wine after dinner instead.

Buy It: Sorrento Double Walled Espresso Glasses ($19, Food52)


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