Gorgeous Bundt Pans That Will Make You Want to Bake a Cake Right Now

If you weren’t already in the mood for baking, you will be after seeing the beautiful cakes you can make with no fuss—thanks to a stunning Bundt cake pan.

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Lemon Bundt Cake
Photo: Blaine Moats

I don't think there's ever been a cake recipe placed in front of me that I've declined. I love cake. And I enjoy the act of making and baking a cake. The one thing I don't love in the cake making process is frosting it. Sure, frosting is delicious, but tinting frosting, adding to a piping bag, and the act of piping are all steps I'd rather skip. That's one reason I find Bundt pans to be such a great baking tool. They give cakes a beautiful decorated appearance with no work at all. I can simply drizzle with chocolate, ganache, a powdered sugar icing, or sprinkle with berries and a dusting of powdered sugar, and it looks like a masterpiece. Each of the pans here will give you that same result and surely inspire some weekend baking.

Nordic Ware Jubilee Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware Jubilee Bundt Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

Nordic Ware Bundt pans are always standouts and this Jubilee pan is a perfect example. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which could come in handy as you'll be baking with this Bundt pan all the time. The geometric design is eye-catching and glaze-catching for your drizzle of choice. And the nonstick finish keeps your cake from getting stuck to all the inner ridges. This specific pan holds 10 cups of batter. Note that bundt cake recipes often call for a pan based on how much batter it can hold. For the prettiest results, any Bundt pan you use should be filled about two-thirds full before going into the oven.

Buy It: Nordic Ware Jubilee Bundt Pan ($37, Amazon)

Nordic Ware Heritage Bundtlette Cakes

Nordic Ware Heritage Bundtlette Cakes pan
Courtesy of Walmart

Even more fun than eating a piece of cake is eating a whole cake! With a mini Bundt pan (aka bundtlette pan) you can serve each person at the table their own personal cake. The pan's gold color feels special so even while you're making the mini cakes the experience feels elevated. The pan has a 4½ cup capacity for batter. You can find this pan at a few retailers. I'm linking to the Bundt cake pan at Walmart, but you can also add it to your next Amazon order where the pan has almost 900 five-star reviews.

Buy It: Nordic Ware Heritage Bundtlette Cakes, Gold ($38, Walmart)

Nordic Ware 70th Anniversary Crown Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware 70th Anniversary Crown Bundt
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This sculptural Bundt pan, with nearly all perfect five-star reviews, has flowy peaks and valleys that make your cake have an almost ribbon-like appearance. It holds 10 cups of batter that will surely come out of that pan smoothly thanks to the premium gold-tone nonstick finish.

Buy It: Nordic Ware 70th Anniversary Crown Bundt Pan ($38, Williams Sonoma)

Nordic Ware Brilliance Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware brilliance bundt pan with cakes
Courtesy of Target

Some bundt cake pans give you barely-defined lines and designs, but that's not the case with this pan inspired by faceted gems. You'll want to really get in there to grease the ridges, but thanks to the nonstick finish, the cake should release with all its pretty details intact. This Nordic Ware Bundt pan has the capacity for 10 cups of batter.

Buy It: Nordic Ware Brilliance Bundt Pan ($36, Target)

Trudeau Silicone Mini Fluted Pans

Trudeau Silicone Mini Fluted Pan in Red
Courtesy of Walmart

If you don't want to deal with the stress of a cake that doesn't cleanly release from its pan, you may be more comfortable with a silicone Bundt pan that allows you to slowly push out the mini cakes made in this pan. The silicone is BPA free and also nonstick. Unlike many of the other pans on this list, this one is dishwasher safe. If you need more convincing, take a look at all the perfect five-star reviews.

Buy It: Trudeau Silicone Mini Fluted Pans, Red, 2-Pack ($20, Walmart)

Nordic Ware Swirl Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware Swirl Bundt Pan
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The swirl design of this Nordic Ware Bundt pan is a bit more subtle than others on the list so you'll want to be sure to choose a thinner glaze or simple sprinkling of sugar to garnish so you don't cover the pretty pattern. Like the other Nordic Ware pans on this list, the swirl pan is nonstick for easy release. This pan's batter capacity is 10 cups.

Buy It: Nordic Ware Swirl Bundt Pan ($38, Williams Sonoma)

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundtlette Pan

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Bundt Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

Make six adorable individually-portioned cakes using this mini Bundt cake pan in the most classic bundt shape—just made tiny. More than 900 ratings, earning it an average 4.8 stars out of 5 stars, are all the proof I need that this pan works great. It has a premium nonstick coating to help you avoid a torn cake and a 4½-cup capacity.

Buy It: Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundtlette Pan ($35, Amazon)

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