This Genius Koozie Will Keep Your Drink Cold For Hours

Keep your canned beverages ice-cold on even the hottest summer day.

The warmer weather has been a welcome change. We can finally get back outside and spend time out in the sun with our family and friends. No matter what activity you have planned, whether it's a day at the beach, a backyard hangout, a picnic at the park, or even your kids' sporting events, you are probably planning to enjoy some cold drinks throughout the day.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of hard seltzers in the summer, especially when I'm at the beach, but my biggest complaint is that they always start to get warm by the time I'm done drinking them. Regular koozies (the collapsible, neoprene ones that you probably have in your junk drawer) just don't keep the drinks cold. After reading so many amazing reviews, I decided to try the Brumate Hopsulator Slim can koozie.

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Courtesy of Brumate

Buy It: Brumate Hopsulator Slim ($25, Brumate)

The stainless-steel can koozie is triple-insulated and will fit any 12-ounce slim can, including hard seltzers, sparkling water, and energy drinks. After using it just one time, it was easy to see why it's garnered thousands of perfect, 5-star reviews: it keeps drinks ice-cold all day long, without any condensation.

It has a non-slip base, so your drink will stay put no matter where you set it down. It also fits in cup-holders and has side indents that make the koozie easy to hold. The top of the koozie features a removable push-lock gasket to insert and remove cans with ease. Once you push the can inside, it locks in place until you're done drinking it. Then, simply pull the can out and swap it out with a fresh one.

"Even if you finish drinks fast, your hands won't be cold and you get a prettier beverage to look at," says one 5-star reviewer, who says that the can koozie is a "must-have." Another shopper loves it so much that they "never go anywhere without one."

If you're looking for a koozie to keep your drinks ice-cold for all of your summer activities, this stainless steel can koozie is the perfect solution. The Hopsulator Slim is available in nearly 50 colors/prints, with new colors coming soon.

If the Slim isn't what you're looking for, the can koozies come in other sizes, too. The Hopsulator Duo is perfect for sodas, beers, and any other standard 12-ounce can, while the Hopsulator Trio can convert to fit both 12-ounce cans and 16-ounce tall cans. Bottom line? Whatever you're drinking, there's a Brumate available that will keep it cold all day long.

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