The Best Nonstick Pans for Every Type of Home Cook

The winner is the Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan.

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greenpan valencia non stick frying pan with fried egg
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Home cooks would be hard-pressed to find a piece of cookware used more often than the nonstick pan. So whether you're whipping up eggs in the morning or searing pork chops for dinner, a reliable and safe nonstick frying pan—that won't leave half of your meal sticking to it in the cooking process—is a must in every kitchen.

To find the right one to add to your cookware arsenal, look for nonstick pans that are made of high-quality materials and distribute heat evenly. You'll also want to consider pans that are durable and easy to clean. To help you find the best nonstick pans, we researched pans made by top brands, including All-Clad, Viking, Anolon, and Our Place. In addition, we considered standard and ceramic nonstick pans and evaluated each pan for versatility, durability, material, and value. Our top pick, the Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan, is versatile, oven-safe, and has a convenient helper handle.

To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best nonstick pans currently on the market.

Before we dive into the details of these picks, let's explore what makes a pan nonstick—and how to ensure the materials are safe to cook with.

Health Concerns with Teflon and Nonstick Coatings

Teflon is the brand name for PTFE, a common synthetic chemical used in many nonstick surfaces. But until recent years, Teflon was made from a different chemical, PFOA, which is considered a health concern because it was linked to increased cancer risk in a 2013 study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. Now, PFOA is no longer used in the production of Teflon, and therefore nonstick coatings—even those containing PTFE—are no longer considered a health risk. All products featured here are PFOA-free, and we've noted in the list below which pans are also PTFE-free.

Nonstick Pan Care

While they're certainly convenient, nonstick pans aren't known to be super durable—but there are steps you can take to keep your nonstick cookware hanging around for as long as possible. While some nonstick pans are marketed as dishwasher-safe, to preserve the life of your nonstick coating, it's typically recommended to hand wash with a little soap and warm water. And be sure to read the user manual of your particular nonstick pan to determine if it's oven-safe, how high of temperatures it can be used on, and to ensure it can be used on both induction and gas cooktops.

When it comes time to cook, don't use metal utensils with your nonstick pan, as they can pierce the nonstick coating and shorten its lifetime drastically. Instead, opt for wooden or plastic spatulas and spoons. Finally, avoid using cooking sprays, which can leave a sticky coating on nonstick cookware that's nearly impossible to remove. If you're looking to reduce the amount of oil or butter you're using, try an oil mister to distribute a small amount of olive or avocado oil over the surface of your pan.

Best Overall: Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

Large enough to handle a slew of cooking needs, this reasonably priced, versatile, 14-inch frying pan ensures fast and even cooking with its heavy-duty, hard-anodized base. If you're looking for a single workhorse nonstick pan for your kitchen, this is it. This durable pan can be used on all stove types except induction.

It's also oven-safe up to 400 degrees and includes a helper handle to assist with transferring the pan from the stove or oven. It's PFOA-free, and the sturdy coating is safe to use with metal spatulas and utensils. And it's super easy to clean, with a high-quality nonstick surface on both the inside and outside of the pan.

Buy It: Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan $70 (originally $120), Amazon

Best Ceramic: Our Place Always Pan

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of From Our Place

Instagram is obsessed with the gorgeously designed Always Pan, but trust us—this ceramic nonstick option excels in function as well as form. The PTFE-free pan is designed to replace eight kitchen items in one (a fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and spoon rest), and it can do everything from sauté to braise. Reviewers rave about the truly nonstick surface and say there's less of a need for oil when cooking fried chicken, eggs, and more. While it's not the cheapest pan on the market, Our Place is a direct-to-consumer retailer, which means you're just paying for the quality cookware you receive with none of the middleman fees.

Buy It: Always Pan ($146, Our Place)

Best Set: All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware Set

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

All-Clad is known as a leading brand for quality cookware, and true to form, its affordable nonstick pan set does not disappoint. The two-piece set includes a 10- and 12-inch frying pan, each with low sides that are ideal for easy spatula use. The pans are part of All-Clad's HA1 collection, which includes cookware made of durable, hard-anodized aluminum with three-layer, scratch-resistant nonstick systems. It's no wonder why nearly 1,600 shoppers left the top-quality set a five-star review.

Buy It: All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware Set $84 (originally $150), Amazon

Best Value: OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Frying Pan

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

The most affordable option on this list, OXO's versatile, 10-inch skillet earns top marks for its durability, silicone-wrapped stainless steel handle, and three-layer, German-engineered nonstick coating. Multiple reviewers commented on the truly flat bottom— which is not something all pans are able to achieve—and how evenly it cooks food, while others call it the "best nonstick pan" they've ever purchased. One person said: "Eggs slid out of it as if they had been cooked in oil (except I cooked them without any)." Keep in mind that this option is not compatible with induction stovetops, but at just $30, it's the best value you'll find.

Buy It: OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Frying Pan ($30, Amazon)

Best Pan for Eggs: GreenPan Valencia Non Stick Aluminum Frying Pan

Greenpan Valencia Non Stick Hard-Anodized Aluminum Frying Pan
Courtesy of Wayfair

This 11-inch ceramic nonstick pan is the perfect size for frying, scrambling, or even baking your eggs (it's oven-safe up to 600°F). The smooth, PTFE-free surface ensures easy, nonstick cooking that you'll never have to worry about cleaning—whether you're whipping up a frittata or a sausage scramble. One reviewer called it a "great egg pan" while another wrote: "I tried this out with scrambled eggs and put cheese on top to test it. It worked beautifully! Nothing stuck and I only cooked them on medium heat. No sticking or burning. I would recommend this pan to anyone out there."

Buy It: GreenPan Valencia Non Stick Aluminum Frying Pan $40 (originally $60), Wayfair

Best Stainless Steel: Viking Culinary Stainless Steel Nonstick Fry Pan

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

This PTFE-free stainless steel option combines the aesthetic appeal of gleaming steel and even heating with the convenience of a nonstick surface.This 12-inch frying pan from Viking has the additional benefits of an ergonomic handle that's easy to hold and cool-to-the touch, plus a cone-like shape that's designed for more even heating to decrease cooking times, according to the brand. Reviewers call it the "best pan" they've ever owned and say it "cooks and cleans like crazy."

Buy It: Viking Culinary Stainless Steel Nonstick Fry Pan, ($100, Amazon)

Best Large Option: WaxonWare 4.5-Quart Nonstick Frying Pan With Lid

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

This 11-inch, 4.5-quart nonstick ceramic frying pan can handle whatever kitchen task you're setting out to do. The PTFE-free material features an electromagnetic induction bottom, ensuing even heat distribution, even on tricky induction stoves. The deep pan comes with a lid that makes it easy to stew, braise, and keep food warm. Numerous reviewers comment on the great value this $50 sauté pan offers. "I have to honestly say that so far I like this skillet much better than my other 9-inch skillet, which cost twice as much as this one." said one, while others mention that the deep size is great for feeding a crowd.

Buy It: WaxonWare 4.5-Quart Nonstick Frying Pan With Lid ($50, Amazon)

Best Grill Pan: Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle Pan

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

A quality grill pan is a must for when the weather just isn't cooperating with your cooking plans. This deep, 11-inch square option is a great choice because it won't leave you with a huge mess to clean up after. It has raised edges for that classic grilled sear, a silicone grip handle, and it's even oven-safe up to 400°F for finishing. One reviewer suggests using the pan to make perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, and others love the raised sides that prevent splattering. One customer summed it up nicely: "I bought this because I wanted a sauté pan that was deep enough that I could use it without having to spring clean my kitchen after each use!"

Buy It: Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle Pan $45 (originally $90), Amazon

Best Splurge: Scanpan CTX Nonstick Sauté Pan with Lid

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

If you're looking for a professional-level nonstick pan, consider this option from Scanpan's CTX line. Alternating layers of aluminum and steel—which offer optimal temperature control—along with its supremely nonstick coating make this next-level pan worth the splurge. High sides, a 4-quart capacity, and a glass lid with a steam vent means that you don't have to stop at frying—you can braise, sauté, brown, and more in this overachieving piece of cookware.

Buy It: SCANPAN CTX Nonstick Sauté Pan with Lid ($260, Amazon)

Best with a Lid: Hiteclife Deep Frying Pan with Lid

Nonstick Fry Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

A properly fitting lid on a frying pan is the key to achieving perfectly cooked, over-medium eggs, or to lock in moisture and heat after browning a piece of meat. And while it's fairly common to find pricey options with lids, it's not as likely to find a quality nonstick pan that has a sturdy cover and meets the price point you're looking for. Enter: Hiteclife's $40, 10-inch pan that's complete with a three-layer nonstick coating, a 3-quart capacity, and a heat-resistant glass lid. Reviewers say it works great for everything from stir-fries to eggs to frying fish. "It heats evenly, doesn't rock, and is almost self-cleaning," one user said, while another called it a "great value for a very versatile frying pan."

Buy It: Hiteclife Deep Frying Pan with Lid ($40, Amazon)

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