10 Best Hand Mixers for Every Type of Baker and Budget

You don’t need a stand mixer to make great bakes.

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Hand mixers are an affordable alternative to stand mixers and much easier to use than mixing everything by hand. They're also way more affordable and take up less space in your kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, hand mixers can successfully complete a variety of mixing tasks just as well as stand mixers—the mixing may just require just a little extra time. With a hand mixer, you can whip, beat, and mix eggs, bread dough, cookie batter, icing, sauces, and even mashed potatoes.

All hand mixers may appear similar at first, but there are several factors you should keep in mind when shopping for one.

"Before buying a hand mixer, you should consider what kind of baker you are," says Alexis de Boschnek, author of "To The Last Bite" and host of Better Homes & Gardens' "Then & Now" cooking series. "If you're a novice that breaks out the hand mixer every few months, you're going to have different needs than an expert who uses it on a weekly basis. Take into account the speed, beater shape, if the mixer comes with extra attachments, and of course, the price."

Erin McDowell, recipe developer and author of "The Book On Pie," finds that "durability is the biggest key" when investing in a hand mixer. "Don't be fooled by tons of extra attachments unless you're certain you'll use them," she says. "A lot of brands add extras (storage bags, cleaning tools, etc.) to make their products stand out, but they often really aren't worth their salt."

Here are the best hand mixers.

Best Overall

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer


Why You Should Get It: Most other hand mixers don't come with this many attachments, speed levels, and smart settings.

Keep in Mind: The price for this hand mixer is higher than the average, but we think it's reasonable for the number of features it includes.

If you're searching for a hand mixer that has all of the bells and whistles, this one by Cuisinart fits the bill. The Cuisinart Power Advantage Nine-Speed Mixer has several features that aren't always standard with hand mixers. This includes a snap-on storage case to neatly store your mixer and its accessories together in your pantry as well as a whisk and two dough hooks, the latter of which are a great alternative to kneading your bread by hand. The mixer has nine speed settings (the average is about five) and a sensor built into the machine that maintains the speed of the beaters, regardless of the batter's density.

There is also a slow-start feature to help prevent splatters. For example: If you need a medium speed setting, instead of going from zero to five, which can cause a mess due to the sudden change in speed, the machine slowly increases the speed. This modern-looking model also has an LED screen instead of a button so you can quickly see the speed setting as you're adding ingredients. This model is a great alternative to a stand mixer if you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a mixer, are tight on kitchen space, or both.

Price at time of publish: $80

Product Details: Speed levels: Nine | Attachments: Two beaters, two dough hooks, one whisk | Weight: 3.9 pounds | Wattage: 220W

Best Beginner

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer


Why You Should Get It: You can buy hand mixer attachments later on, such as dough hooks and a whisk, when you get more comfortable and adventurous in the kitchen.

Keep in Mind: With the lowest wattage on the list, this mixer won't give you as much power as other hand mixers, which on average, have a 200 to 250 wattage output.

If you're just starting your baking journey, this easy-to-operate hand mixer is a great option for beginners. Unlike some other hand mixers on the market, which come with multiple attachments and more speed settings, the KitchenAid Five-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer has two beaters and five mixer speeds. Unless you make a lot of bread or egg-based recipes, such as a meringue, you don't need additional attachments like a whisk or dough hook. Beaters alone can accomplish a variety of baking tasks big and small, including mixing cake batter and making whipped cream.

The mixer's five speeds allow you to gradually increase the mixing speed level by level to avoid splatters. Compared to other hand mixers on our list, this one has the lowest wattage at 60W, but it still packs enough of a punch at its highest speed setting to mix thick cookie dough, based on our hands-on experience. Plus, unlike other hand mixers, this KitchenAid mixer allows you to lock the cord in place so it doesn't accidentally find its way into the batter while you're mixing.

Price at time of publish: $55

Product Details: Speed levels: Five | Attachments: Two beaters | Weight: 2 pounds | Wattage: 60W

Most Convenient

Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer

cuisinart white and silver hand mixer


Why You Should Get It: The automatic feedback feature determines if you need an extra power boost so the mixer won't get bogged down when mixing thick dough.

Keep in Mind: This isn't a good option for experienced bakers who need additional tools, such as a dough hook or whisk, for their bakes.

We designated the Cuisinart Power Advantage Five-Speed Hand Mixer as the most convenient mixer on our list due to its extra-long beaters, heel rest, cord lock, and automatic feedback feature. These Cuisinart beaters are 7.5 inches long (most beaters are 5 to 6 inches), allowing bakers to cover more surface area and go deeper into batters. The automatic feedback feature is particularly helpful for beginner bakers, since it adjusts the power going into the beaters to keep the speed consistent, even when mixing thicker batters.

This hand mixer has five speeds and comes with two beaters, a spatula, and a recipe book. Like some other Cuisinart hand mixers, this model lets you lock the cord in place on either side of the device so that the cord doesn't get in your way as you move the mixer. For example, if you are right handed, you can lock the cord in place on the right side. The heel rest lets you set the mixer squarely on the counter without it toppling over while you grab your next ingredient.

Price at time of publish: $40

Product Details: Speed levels: Five | Attachments: Two beaters | Weight: 2.2 pounds | Wattage: 220W

Best Value

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer With Snap-On Case


Why You Should Get It: The included attachments and accessories are uncommon for a hand mixer at this affordable price point.

Keep in Mind: There are no additional color or design options available other than white.

This Hamilton Beach Six-Speed Hand Mixer proves you don't need to shell out big bucks for an electric mixer. In fact, this hand mixer has many of the same features, if not more, than higher-priced models on the market, including six speeds (most hand mixers have five) and 216 watts of power. There is also a quick-burst speed setting for tackling stubborn batter that isn't mixing as quickly as you need it to.

Other pluses that veer from the norm are this mixer's affordable price point, whisk attachment, and storage compartment. The snap-on storage compartment keeps all the accessories together—no more searching drawers for the right attachment. Plus, when your hand and arm get tired from mixing batter, you can rest your mixer on the edge of your bowl using the bowl rest feature. No more setting your mixer on the counter while hoping the batter is stiff enough to not drip. Keep in mind that the mixer weighs 1.7 pounds, so you may need a heavier glass bowl for it to be able to balance.

Price at time of publish: $23

Product Details: Speed levels: Six | Attachments: Two beaters and one whisk | Weight: 1.72 pounds | Wattage: 216W

Best Splurge

Breville Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

Breville Handy Mix Scraper


Why You Should Get It: Unlike other hand mixers, this has high-tech features that will automate your baking experience.

Keep in Mind: The extra bells and whistles make this hand mixer one of the more expensive models on the market.

For those looking to invest in a workhorse kitchen appliance, this hand mixer by Breville is worth every penny. This high-tech Breville Handy Mix Scraper mixer offers automation not found in other hand mixers. Its electric sensor automatically adjusts the mixing power based on the attachment you're using—a super-handy feature if a recipe doesn't specify the speed you need to use to mix the ingredients. You can also set a count-down timer on the Breville mixer, allowing for extra precision when mixing your bakes.

Another helpful feature is the built-in light, which is attached at the bottom of the machine. This extra light source can help you spot unmixed flour bubbles in your mixture to improve your batter. The Breville hand mixer has nine speeds, a snap-on storage case, two whisks, two dough hooks, and rubberized beaters. Rubberized beaters help lessen the noise created from the mixer, especially when they rub up against your mixing bowl, and are better for glass and metal bowls than regular all-metal beaters, reducing the likelihood for scratches. Keep in mind that this mixer is heavier than others, weighing almost 5 pounds.

Price at time of publish: $150

Product Details: Speed levels: Nine | Attachments: Two beaters, two dough hooks, and two whisks | Weight: 4.95 pounds | Wattage: 240W

Best Lightweight

Black+Decker Lightweight Five-Speed Hand Mixer

Black + Decker Lightweight 5-Speed Hand Mixer


Why You Should Get It: This hand mixer is the lightest of all the models on our list, preventing hand fatigue and strain if you're a frequent baker.

Keep in Mind: This mixer does not come with additional attachments or any other non-standard features.

This low-cost Black+Decker hand mixer won't hurt your budget—or your hands. At just 1.1 pounds, this is a great option for people whose hands and arms get fatigued quickly while mixing. The 175-watt mixer has five speeds and a turbo boost setting that helps mix particularly thick batters.

The Black+Decker also has features that help prevent messes. On the handle, you'll find a button that automatically ejects the beaters, meaning your hands won't get sticky from manually removing the attachments. Plus, the heel of the mixer has been designed to be able to sit on the edge of your bowl, so the beaters can drip into the bowl instead of on your countertop where you usually rest your hand mixer.

Price at time of publish: $15

Product Details: Speed levels: Five | Attachments: Two beaters | Weight: 1.1 pounds | Wattage: 175W

Best for Thick Batter

BLACK+DECKER Helix Performance Premium Hand

Black+Decker Hand Mixer

Why You Should Get It: The helix-shaped beaters overlap more than standard beaters, providing a better-mixed batter.

Keep in Mind: This mixer is close to 4 pounds, so your hand and arm may become fatigued more quickly than if you were using a lighter-weight option.

If you do a lot of baking, you need a hand mixer that can handle the thickest batters. The Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer has helix-shaped beaters, which are wider than standard beaters and better overlap to increase the beating surface area. Plus, the nylon coating on the beaters muffles the noise when the beaters rub up against your bowl. The 250-watt motor and turbo boost setting helps the mixer power through thick ingredients.

This mixer is an especially good fit for people who often make bread, as the mixer comes with two dough hooks. You'll also get a whisk and a snap-on storage attachment. The mixer features five speed settings and a button that allows for hands-free beater removal. When you start to tire from mixing your dense batters, you can rest your mixer's heel on the edge of the bowl with the bowl rest feature. No need to set it on the counter and risk a mess.

Price at time of publish: $30

Product Details: Speed levels: Five | Attachments: Two helix beaters, two dough hooks, and a whisk | Weight: 3.67 pounds | Wattage: 250W

Best High Power

Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer

 Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer


Why You Should Get It: With high wattage, you can mix big and thick batters a lot quicker.

Keep in Mind: This hand mixer does not come with whisk attachments.

Our choice for the best high-powered hand mixer, the Braun HM5100 Multi-Max Hand Mixer has 10 speeds, including a turbo boost function, and boasts the highest wattage of any mixer on this list.

McDowell "vehemently" stands behind this Braun hand mixer. "It's the only one I recommend," she says. "This hand mixer is the best one on the market, in my opinion—and I've used lots."

According to McDowell, this product's combination of multiple mixing speeds and high wattage is comparable to what you'd get with a stand mixer.

"For the price of a hand mixer, you get the power of a stand mixer," she says. "This power is especially important for recipes with long mixing times, but it also ensures you the power you need to get simpler recipes mixed in less overall time, which means less hand and wrist fatigue."

The Braun hand mixer also has other features that help with wrist fatigue, including a comfortable, slip-resistant handle and a motor that is located in the front of the machine. "A lot of hand mixers have the motor/mechanics towards the back of the machine, meaning the heavier part is closer to your wrist," McDowell says. "[The Braun HM5100] has the mechanics in the front portion, making it as ergonomic as possible."

This hand mixer comes with two beaters, two dough hooks, and a storage bag, but it does not include a whisk attachment.

Price at time of publish: $90

Product Details: Speed levels: Nine | Attachments: Two beaters, two dough hooks | Weight: 2.2 pounds | Wattage: 350W

Best Cordless

KitchenAid KHMB732 7-Speed Cordless Hand Mixer



Why You Should Get It: No cord means you can work anywhere in your kitchen, not just near an outlet.

Keep in Mind: This hand mixer doesn't come with any extra attachments, like a whisk or dough hooks.

One of the most inconvenient parts of owning a hand mixer is the cord. Depending on the placement of your nearest outlet, the cord can follow you in every direction you move the mixer and could ultimately get in the way. A cordless hand mixer eliminates that problem entirely. The KitchenAid Cordless Seven-Speed Hand Mixer is powered by a rechargeable battery that takes about two hours to charge. When fully charged, the mixer can mix dough for up to 200 cookies on one charge. If you're baking all day long, there's an indicator light on the machine that alerts bakers that the device needs to be charged soon.

This mixer has seven speed settings and boasts a soft-start feature that gradually increases your mixing speed to your desired speed setting to avoid splatter. The hand mixer comes with two beaters but no whisk or dough hook attachments.

Price at time of publish: $100

Product Details: Speed levels: Seven | Attachments: Two beaters | Weight: 3 pounds | Wattage: 250W

Best with Retractable Cord

Oster FPSTHM0152-NP Five-Speed Hand Mixer

Oster FPSTHM0152-NP Five-Speed Hand Mixer


Why You Should Get It: This mixer is easy to store with a retractable cord, making it a great option for people with tight kitchen storage space.

Keep in Mind: The mixer doesn't have a bowl rest indentation on its body, so you'll need to rest the device on your countertop when it's not in your hand.

The Oster Five-Speed Hand Mixer is great for home cooks with limited kitchen storage space and those who like to keep their kitchen tools and appliances as organized as possible. This mixer has a retractable cord, so you won't have to wind it up manually. A snap-on storage container houses the mixer as well as its included attachments: two beaters, two dough hooks, and a whisk.

The mixer has five speeds as well as a high-speed turbo button, which is useful if you have a thick batter that needs an extra boost of power to mix. This hand mixer is also designed to prevent splatters while mixing. Its "clean start" technology gradually increases the speed as you move from a low to high speed to keep batter from flying outside of your bowl.

Price at time of publish: $36

Product Details: Speed levels: Five | Attachments: Two beaters, two dough hooks, and a whisk | Weight: 2.51 pounds | Wattage: 250W

The Bottom Line

The Cuisinart Power Advantage Nine-Speed Mixer is our top choice for its nine speed settings; multiple accessories, including a whisk, dough hooks, and snap-on storage case; and a built-in sensor that maintains the speed of your attachments, regardless of how thick your batter is.

What to Know About Hand Mixers Before Shopping

Weight: Hand mixers require strength to control and move around the bowl, so some people may tire quickly from using them, especially when dealing with thick batter. Before you buy, always look at the weight of the mixer. On average, mixers are between 2 and 3 pounds but can go up to more than 5 pounds. If you aren't sure how much weight you'll be able to handle, pick up something in your home that is of equal value, and pretend you are mixing with that. If it's uncomfortable, look for a mixer that is more lightweight.

Power: How much power you'll need is dependent on what type of items you'll be baking. Consider your go-to recipes. If you make your own bread and are frequently whipping up thick batters and doughs, you'll want a mixer with multiple speed settings and a high-powered motor. In fact, some mixers have a special turbo speed setting for particularly cumbersome doughs.

Wattage is a unit that measures the power needed to run your mixer. The higher the wattage, the more power that's needed to run your machine. Most hand mixers have a wattage between 220 and 250. While having a high wattage is important, it's not always an indicator that your product will perform better. For example, in our hands-on testing of the KitchenAid Five-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, which has a lower wattage at 60, it still performed well at mixing thin cake batter as well as thick cookie dough.

Attachments: Many models come with whisks, beaters, and dough hooks to effectively mix any batter. Most models include stainless steel tools, but some beaters have vinyl or rubber coatings for quieter operation that could also limit the potential for scratches to metal bowls. If you don't bake frequently or tend to do basic recipes like cookies, you won't need to get a mixer with dough hooks or whisks. But if you often bake, McDowell is a fan of dough attachments, telling us that she has used hand mixer dough attachments for a variety of recipes, including yeast-raised doughs, cinnamon roll doughs, and brioche.

Your Questions, Answered

How can I ensure my hand mixer lasts a long time?

To make sure your hand mixer lasts for years to come, McDowell suggests getting one that has a small, or preferrably no, exposed vent in front of the machine. "When mixing large quantities of flour (or other ingredients), they can be easily knocked up into the vents, ultimately clogging it and shortening the life of your machine," she explains.

If you have a hand mixer with a larger vent, just make sure to have a steadier hand when mixing ingredients to ensure they don't become airborne and get into the machinery.

Other than that, hand mixers are very easy to maintain. Wipe the body of your mixer with a damp cloth after each use—never submerge it in water. The baking attachments are removable and are dishwasher safe. So long as you make your bakes away from your sink and burners, your mixer should last a long time. If you encounter an issue with your mixer, consult the manufacturer's warranty to see if it covers repairs or a replacement.

How many speeds do I need on my hand mixer?

It all depends on what you normally make, what you plan on making in the future, and your preferred speeds when mixing. As long as the mixer has a low, medium, and a high speed setting, you'll be able to accomplish most baking tasks. Speed settings typically range from one to five (aka low, low-medium, medium, medium-high, and high). Other mixers offer more speed settings, with some featuring upwards of nine.

It's important to know that low settings are great for combining ingredients, especially when mixing wet and dry ingredients together (using a high speed setting for this task will cause ingredients to splatter outside of the bowl). Medium settings work well for mixing cookie dough, thicker cake batters, and frostings as well as creaming butter. High speed settings are best reserved for mashing potatoes, whipping cream, and eggs.

Both deBoschnek and McDowell agree that the more speeds available on your mixer, the better, with both preferring hand mixers with nine speed settings. "If you've ever spent five minutes patiently waiting for butter to cream, you know how precious every minute is," deBoschnek says.

Having several speed settings is also helpful for recipes that require changes in speed. "Recipes like meringue require a low speed to start, then rising to a higher speed to whip to the appropriate peaks," McDowell explains. "The higher the speed, the faster and better the meringue will whip."

I don't have a lot of storage space in my kitchen. Any tips for storing this bulky kitchen machinery?

Always check the size of your desired hand mixer before buying to make sure it fits in the storage space you do have in your kitchen. One way to cut down on space is to buy a hand mixer that has a snap-on storage compartment for its cord and attachments. You can also choose a hand mixer that is cordless or has a retractable cord.

Who We Are

We chose these products by looking at the best hand mixers on the market and narrowing down our picks based on key specifications, including speed settings, accessories, and customer reviews and ratings. Rachel Center, an avid home cook for more than nine years and a product reviews home writer at Dotdash Meredith, spent weeks researching all the components that make a great hand mixer. We also consulted with two regarded recipe developers and cookbook authors, Erin McDowell and Alexis deBoschnek, for their expertise in using hand mixers.

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