The 10 Best Hand Mixers for Holiday Baking and Beyond, According to Reviews

Shop beloved brands including KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach.
By Lily Gray
November 06, 2020
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With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to plan your holiday meals, desserts and hostess gifts. One kitchen gadget that’s essential to have on hand this time of year (and any time of year, frankly) is a hand mixer. This versatile appliance allows you to whip, beat and mix eggs, bread dough, cookie batter, icing, sauces, and even mashed potatoes with way less effort—and better consistency—than manually stirring with a spoon.

The Best Hand Mixers

Many models come with whisks, beaters, and dough hooks to effectively mix any batter. Others come with a storage case to corral attachments and cords, and some are even cordless for ultimate convenience. What’s more, hand mixers are often more affordable and easier to use compared to stand mixers, which take up a lot more space. Plus, hand mixers make great gifts for a housewarming party or for the home baker in your life. 

Keep reading to shop the 10 best hand mixers that thousands of shoppers swear by.

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This popular KitchenAid hand mixer has garnered more than 7,900 five-star ratings and 3,300 reviews. It features five speeds with a noticeable variance between the speed levels (1 and 2 are good for slowly mixing in chunky ingredients while 4 and 5 vigorously beat egg whites). It comes with stainless steel beaters and a lockable swivel cord to better mix ingredients from any angle. 

One five-star review said, “This is a wonderful hand mixer. The variety of speeds is great and the motor is strong. The mixer is lightweight and easy to use.”

Buy It: KitchenAid Five-Speed Hand Mixer, ($80, Amazon)

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This powerful 220-watt hand mixer with five speed levels can handle any baking task. It has an automatic feedback feature that replaces the power boost button commonly found on other models, meaning it automatically applies more power when needed without bogging down the mixer. 

The extra-long beaters are designed for more efficient whipping, and one shopper said they have never seen egg whites whip to stiff peaks so fast. 

Buy It: Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage Five-Speed Hand Mixer, $40 (originally $42), Amazon

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The Hamilton Beach hand mixer proves you don’t need to shell out big bucks for reliable performance and convenient features. It has six speeds, beaters, a whisk, and grooves that allow you to securely rest the mixer over the bowl to catch drips. It even has a quick-burst speed setting. More than 10,000 five-star shoppers love the handy storage case and surprisingly powerful motor.

Buy It: Hamilton Beach Six-Speed Electric Hand Mixer, $19 (originally $40), Amazon

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If you’re searching for a hand mixer that has all of the bells and whistles, this one by Cuisinart fits the bill. It includes nine speed settings; beater, whisk, and hook attachments; a spatula; recipe book; and a snap-on storage case. This model is a great alternative to a stand mixer if you’re tight on space.

Buy It: Cuisinart Brushed Chrome Nine-Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case, ($80, Crate & Barrel)

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For those looking to invest in a workhorse kitchen appliance, this hand mixer by Breville is worth every penny. It’s equipped with an electric sensor that automatically boosts the mixing power when you need it, and a light on the bottom of the machine gives you better visibility. The nine-speed mixer also includes a timer option, snap-on storage case, two whisks, rubberized beaters, and dough hooks.

One reviewer called it “thoughtfully designed” and “a joy” to use, mostly because of the unique silicone beaters that minimize noise. 

Buy It: Breville Handy Mix Scraper, $130 (originally $200), Williams Sonoma

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Planning for the holidays can be expensive, but this $20 Black+Decker hand mixer won’t bust your budget—and it holds up when compared to pricer models with similar features. The 175-watt, five-speed mixer includes a turbo boost for thick batters, a comfortable rubber handle, and a heel and bowl rest to prevent spills. 

Shoppers love the affordable hand mixer for baking, claiming it’s powerful enough to whip up sweet treats including cheesecake and brownies.

Buy It: Black+Decker Lightweight Hand Mixer, $20 (originally $25), Walmart

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Whether you’re preparing a sweet bread, meringue or cheesecake, you need a hand mixer that can handle the thickest batters. This one comes with a whisk, two helix beaters (reinforced nylon beaters designed to mix heavy loads two times better than standard beaters), and two dough hooks. The 250-watt motor supports five speeds and turbo boost to cut down mixing time. Plus, it comes with a storage case. Some reviewers say they reach for this powerful hand mixer whenever they don’t want to lug out their KitchenAid stand mixer, and it’s always up to the task.

Buy It: Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer, ($30, Bed Bath & Beyond)

Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

This mighty hand mixer boasts a 270-watt motor with seven speed levels to complete baking tasks large and small. The standout feature shoppers rave about? Proprietary HeatSoft technology that gently circulates warm air while mixing to bring ingredients to room temperature. No more waiting for cold butter to soften!

Buy It: Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer with Storage Case, ($70, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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Ideal for apartment dwellers or people with limited kitchen storage, this compact KitchenAid hand mixer won’t take too much space in your cabinets. The cordless design has a rechargeable battery, seven speed settings, and a soft-start feature to prevent splatters. 

“This cordless mixer has just as much power as its corded companions,” one reviewer raved. “I have yet to run out of charge while using it. It is pretty quiet so that’s a plus. It also will not tip over when not in use. Highly recommend!”

Buy It: KitchenAid Cordless Seven-Speed Hand Mixer, ($100, Wayfair)

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This hand mixer makes whipping up pastries, breads, cookies, or cakes a breeze. The multi-speed mixer is equipped with a turbo boost to thoroughly mix batters no matter the consistency. 

One happy shopper said, “Light and super easy to use! Love the added attachments. Now I can have it all without the counter space of a large mixer.”

Buy It: Utalent Electric Hand Mixer, $33 (originally $40), Amazon