Whether you're spending a cozy night in or hosting friends for dinner, there's nothing like a bowl of delicious stew with a great glass of wine on a chilly night. And with the Better Homes & Gardens Wine Club, you can pick the perfect bottle — right from your own wine rack — with absolute confidence.

Read on for easy pairing and serving tips that feature three of our favorite fall stew recipes and their perfect wine match. Cheers!

By Nicole Habif
Serving a creamy stew starring white meat like pork or chicken? Pop the cork on a ripe-fruited Chardonnay, like Chemins de Casel 2015.

David Joachim's Cider Pork and Apple Stew balances a decadent, creamy sauce with the luscious bite of apples, ginger, and sage. Our pick for the wine? Chemins de Casel Chardonnay 2015 — one of the stars of the Better Homes & Gardens Wine Club introductory whites collection. This southern French charmer (made by a top Burgundy name) is just rich and toasty enough to complement the sauce and the meaty pork without overwhelming the dish. And its vibrant, apple/peach flavors will accent the apple-y goodness in your bowl.

Serving Tip: Richer styles of Chardonnay are even more aromatic and flavorful when lightly chilled (instead of ice cold). Stash the wine in your fridge door about 45 minutes before you plan to sit down to dinner.

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Juicy Pinot Noir with Burgundy Beef Stew

The juicy acidity and bright fruit flavor of a good Pinot Noir will contrast deliciously with savory, wine-based beef dishes.

As Julia Child writes, "there are more ways than one to arrive at a good boeuf bourguignon." Our slow-cooker riff on this classic French stew is easy to assemble and perfect for a mid-week meal or a hectic autumn weekend. And it cries out for a luscious, juicy red. In France, the quintessential match is red Burgundy (aka, Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region), from which the stew gets its name. But to give this dinner some American flair, we recommend fruity-smooth Purple Owl Pinot Noir 2016 (featured in the Better Homes & Gardens Wine Club introductory reds case) from vineyards across California's Central Coast.

Serving Tip: Pinot Noir's trademark, delicate texture is the product of the grape's very thin skins. A quick, 30-minute chill in your fridge will enhance that silky-smoothness and render its bold, red-fruit flavors extra refreshing (the perfect foil to a hearty stew).

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Velvety Garnacha with Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Garnacha, actually a Spanish-born grape, is a great pick for when you want to really spice up your dinner routine.

Nothing says "perfect Spanish wine pairing" like a spicy Garnacha with slow-cooked lamb. We picked this Moroccan-style tagine because the exotic flavors of cumin, cinnamon, olives, and dates will really come alive alongside the peppery, raspberry/cherry notes in Manga del Brujo 2013, a sumptuous Garnacha blend from Spain's remote and rugged region of Calatayud. You'll find this 93-point winner in the Better Homes & Gardens Wine Club introductory mixed collection.

Serving Tip: Intense spice in a dish — whether it's heat or punchy flavor — can make food and wine pairing tricky. Stick with wines that have equally spicy flavor profiles, silky tannins, and sweet-fruit notes like Garnacha (aka Grenache in France).

If you find yourself with leftover wine at the end of the feast, worry not. Check out these tasty, vino-required recipes for inspired ways to finish off that open bottle.

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