Turkey Soup Recipes

From spicy turkey chili to turkey tortilla soup, a yummy turkey soup or stew is an easy way to use turkey leftovers. Our turkey soup recipes are the perfect post-holiday meal, and they're delicious the rest of the year, too.

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    New World Chili

    More is more in this turkey chili. A wealth of sweet ingredients like cranberries, corn, and butternut squash balances savory beans, veggies, and turkey. The result is a dynamic chili recipe worthy of the next wintry day.

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    Vegetable Garden Soup with Turkey

    Brimming with fresh vegetables, this thyme-seasoned turkey soup recipe is delicious and healthy. Just simmer on the stove for 15 minutes for a hearty answer to turkey leftovers.

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    Spicy Brazilian Turkey Soup

    Fire-roasted tomatoes? Check. Jalapenos? Check. If spicy is your thing, this Brazilian-inspired soup is a must. Other bold ingredients like salty peanuts, cilantro, and a bottle of your favorite beer play off the spice for a truly complex, delicious soup.

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    Turkey-Vegetable Soup

    A stone-soup-style medley of vegetables keeps this turkey soup bright, flavorful, and healthy. Pesto-like pistou adds fresh basil flavor to give this classic vegetable soup something extra.

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    Turkey Tortilla Soup

    Zesty tortilla soup is so easy to make. It starts with a bottle of your favorite salsa mixed in with the broth. Simmer that with turkey and zucchini, and then top off the soup with crispy tortilla strips and a squeeze of lime juice.

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    Tomatillo Turkey Chili with Spelt

    Spelt, an ancient whole grain, gives this turkey chili recipe a filling dose of fiber. We added a taste of Mexican cuisine with saucy tomatillo broth and a sprinkle of cumin.

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    White Bean Turkey Chili with Corn Bread Dumplings

    Upgrade hearty turkey chili to comfort-food status with soft, grainy corn bread dumplings. Just drop dollops of batter into the chili pot and wait for them to cook.

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    Spicy White Chili

    A fiery trio of chili powder, diced chiles, and cayenne pepper proves that white turkey chili can pack just as much heat as red. Sprinkle each bowl with pepper Jack cheese for even more spice.

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    Turkey Tortilla Stew

    Our saucy turkey stew is the perfect counter to frosty winter nights. Spices like chili powder, cumin, and black pepper turn up the heat on lean turkey for a healthy, hearty meal.

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    Asian Turkey and Rice Soup

    Heat up your slow cooker for this Asian-inspired turkey soup recipe. Tender turkey and vegetables get an Eastern infusion with the help of freshly grated ginger and a dash of soy sauce.

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    Whatchagot Soup

    If you have leftover turkey, raid your pantry for grains, veggies, and herbs to complete our Whatchagot Soup. With a few measurements and ingredient suggestions, it's almost impossible to mess up this cozy soup.

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    Corn Chowder

    What's for dinner tonight? We've got you covered. This creamy corn chowder requires just six ingredients and 20 minutes to make. The classic recipe gets a protein boost from your turkey leftovers.

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