Fun-to-make food meets easy elegance in this Italian-style
get-together. Assign guests ingredients to bring for our Supreme Pizza Soup recipe, and you provide the cookware (plus drinks, appetizers, and dessert).

June 09, 2015
Supreme Pizza Soup
Supreme Pizza Soup

The soup recipe is the main event of the party, but it's always wise to have appetizers at the ready and offer a sweet dessert to finish the meal. Round out the menu with these Italian recipes.

Ingredient Reminder Cards

Soup Ingredient Cards
Ingredient cards for Supreme Pizza Soup recipe

Use these convenient ingredient cards to help guests remember the items they're assigned to bring.

Download the template.

Party Planning Schedule

  • 2-3 weeks in advance: Invite guests and assign everyone an ingredient to bring for the soup.
  • 1 week in advance: Buy wine and other items with long shelf lives. Gather serving utensils, glassware, napkins, and plates. Confirm the guest list.
  • 1-2 days in advance: Make sure all tableware is ready to be used. Buy remaining perishable ingredients not assigned to a guest, and prepare a granita dessert.
  • Day of the party: Chill beverages early in the morning and prepare appetziers.

More Italian Recipes

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