6 Ways to Amp Up Your Game-Day Snacks with Pepperoni

Perk up your sports party with these pepperoni recipes and snack ideas that will make you MVP.

Come game day, pepperoni is the ultimate team player. The Italian-American salami is slightly smoky, just spicy enough, and can contribute a little savory-salty punch to make pretty much any savory appetizer trophy-worthy. These pepperoni snacks are delicious proof. So instead of store-bought ranch or frozen pizza, tag in these pepperoni dip recipes, pepperoni bread recipes, and beyond to make your football spread one for the record books. Grab a package or two of mini or regular pepperoni, such as Hormel Pepperoni Slices ($4, Target), on your next grocery run so you're stocked and ready to show off your snack game.

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Pizza Monkey Bread

Pizza Monkey Bread
Hannah Bigot

Monkey bread isn't just for brunch. In fact, our entire staff goes bananas for this savory twist on the pull-apart bread that calls for taking an assist from a few store-bought items like canned biscuits and jarred marinara or pizza sauce. Be sure to stock up on extra sauce or add a side of ranch so everyone can make a winning pass through one or the other with each piece of this pepperoni bread recipe.

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Pepperoni Pizza Cups

Pepperoni Pizza Cups
Andy Lyons

During stressful moments of game-day play, some of our family members (OK, us; we're talking about us) cannot be trusted around a whole baked pizza. That's where this pepperoni snack comes up clutch. With the same elements of dough, sauce, oregano, cheese, and pepperoni in a portion-controlled muffin tin-size package, it's much simpler to stick to one.

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Pizza Quesadilla

Pizza Quesadillas
Matthew Clark

Craving Italian and Mexican fare at the same time? The correct play is this mash-up pizza-inspired recipe. It's served in a south-of-the-border-inspired format, but features the Italian pepperoni recipe flavors you know and love, including marinara sauce, olives, pepperoni, and cheese.

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Gluten-Free Mini Pizzas with Spaghetti Squash Crusts

Gluten Free Mini Pizzas with Spaghetti Squash Crusts

Even the gluten-free and low-carb fans in the crowd can get in on the action with this pepperoni recipe. Instead of flour, the crust is constructed with a basil-spiked mixture of spaghetti squash and egg. Make them mini and ask each diner to top their single-serving pie with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and their pick of veggies.

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Pizza Cheese Bombs

Pizza Cheese Bombs

That pizza slicer is no longer just for cutting a pizza into slices. For this pepperoni bread recipe, we suggest using it to quickly and easily slice the dough into 24 even pieces. Take each of those dough balls, fill it with cheese and pepperoni, and press to seal. Coat in Parm and bake to golden perfection for an itty-bitty calzone that will be a definite competitor to win the "best game-day snack" award.

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Pizza Lettuce Wraps

Pizza Lettuce Wraps
Blaine Moats

The gridiron action is probably hot and stressful enough, so keep your cool with this no-cook pepperoni roll recipe. Slice up tomatoes, pepperoni, basil, and oregano, and toss with shredded mozzarella and white beans. Serve with fresh Bibb lettuce leaves, and everyone can assemble their own healthy lettuce wrap that's packed with 12 grams of filling protein.

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