Chickpea Snack Recipes (They're Healthy-ish!)

Chickpea Deviled Eggs
Chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) are everywhere! Just try walking down the snack aisle without seeing roasted chickpeas. They're all the rage for good reason. High in fiber and protein, they boost nutrition in any recipe. Add them to snacks for midday fuel with these chickpea recipes. Hummus, trendy roasted chickpeas, even muffins -- we've got chickpea snack recipes for any craving.

Rosemary Roasted Chickpeas

If you're a fan of the spicy-sweet combo, here's your snack recipe! Roasted garbanzo beans with flavor hits from cayenne pepper and honey (and, as the name implies, rosemary) make a can't-stop-snacking flavor combo.

Chile-Cumin Roasted Chickpeas

Give your roasted chickpeas huge flavor with our chili powder, cumin, and onion powder seasoning blend.

Baked Asiago Hummus

If you’re trying to snack with a mind to health, serve up this bubbly dip recipe with veggie dippers for healthful nutrients.

Candied Chickpeas

Love roasted chickpeas but craving something sweet? Get the best of both worlds by roasting your chickpeas in oil and sugar for a crunchy sweet snack idea.

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It's the classic chickpea snack food! Garbanzo beans pulverized with garlic, tahini, oil, lemon juice, and seasonings make a classic hummus recipe. Customize it with add-ins like feta, olives, peppers, and herbs, or enjoy it in its traditional form. The call is yours.

Roasted Garbanzo Beans

Roasted chickpeas are the trendiest of chickpea snacks, and this recipe is a classic version. Simple seasonings of oil, salt, pepper, a splash of hot sauce, and some fresh herbs give roasted chickpeas gotta-munch flavor, while a 30-minute roast creates that desirable crunch.

Spiced Apple and Chickpea Muffins

Breakfast, snack, or dessert: Serve up these 181-calorie muffins that you'd never guess are hiding chickpeas.

Barbecue Spice Roasted Chickpeas

Bring the flavors of a backyard barbecue to snack time. Simply toss canned garbanzo beans in oil and spices, then roast and voila -- healthy snack! They store for a week, so you can keep on munching.

Mediterranean Eggplant Dip

Hard to think of a snack recipe that feels more Mediterranean than this one! Chickpeas, olive oil, eggplant, and nuts combine for a snack dip that actually has some nutritional benefit versus that store-bought stuff.

Small-Plate Garbanzo Bean Salad with Pita

This chickpea salad recipe serves 16 and can be used as an appetizer or a side dish for a dinner party, but we like to pack up individual servings to tote to work for a nutrition-rich snack. Halve the recipe if there's no way you can eat a dish that many times without getting bored.

Chickpea Deviled Eggs

Who can't walk past a tray of deviled eggs without grabbing two or five?! Here's a deviled egg recipe with less guilt for times when you overdo it. We replaced some of the egg yolks with garbanzo beans and swapped Greek yogurt for mayo for a healthier version.

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