Slow Cooker Ribs

Pork Ribs in Raspberry Chipotle Sauce,
Craving ribs? These slow cooker ribs recipes show you how to slow-cook your way to the most tender and boldly flavored meals, whether you're seeking a pork spare ribs recipe, or a clever way to cook other ribs, such as beef short ribs or country-style pork ribs. You'll find all kinds of flavor combos, too, including Asian, Korean, Mexican, all-American barbecue and more great ways to cook ribs in the slow cooker.

Tangy Molasses Barbecue Ribs

The liquid smoke in this easy-peasy slow cooker ribs recipe is optional, but if you want a bit of that smoky flavor you get from the goods at your favorite rib shack, use it! Look for liquid smoke next to the barbecue sauces in your supermarket.

Apricot Chipotle Pork Ribs

This sweet and spicy sauce for these slow cooker ribs calls for just four pantry ingredients. Just gather up some chipotle peppers, chili sauce, apricot preserves, and brown sugar, and you're good to go.

Slow Cooked Barbecue Country-Style Ribs

This slow cooker ribs recipe calls on bottled barbecue sauce. Not only does that make it easy to prepare, it also lets you tailor the flavor the rib the way you like them—whether hot and spicy or sweet and sassy. Serve with mac-and-cheese and tangy vinegar slaw.

Beer-Braised Beef Short Ribs

When it comes to beef short ribs, low and slow cooking is the only way to go. That makes them the perfect cut when you want to make ribs in the slow cooker. Here, the braising sauce—with beer, molasses, balsamic vinegar, and hot pepper sauce—deepens their flavor.

Pork Ribs in Mole Verde

If you're on the hunt for a spare ribs crock pot recipe, have you considered a recipe that calls for pork loin back ribs instead? They're a lot like spare ribs, but much meatier. Try loin back ribs in this full-flavored slow cooker ribs recipe, and you might become a convert! 

Chili-Orange Short Ribs

This slow cooker ribs recipe calls for an extra baby-step of prep: You broil the short ribs before they go into the cooker. That’s the secret to their irresistibly caramelized crust. Serve with a side of rice to help sop up the delicious orange-and-spice cooking liquids.

Mexican Short Ribs with Dried Cherries

If you think cooking ribs in the slow cooker is way too casual for anything but weeknight family suppers, think again! With an all-out-amazing Mexican Chile-Cocoa Spice Mix you make yourself and a red-wine, tomato, and cherry sauce, these slow cooker ribs are definitely dinner-party worthy. 

Asian-Style Barbecue Ribs

No need to chase all over town for elusive ingredients! The Asian-inspired sauce for these slow cooker ribs gets its spicy, sweet, and salty flavors from easy-to-find staples. 

Apple-Bourbon Country-Style Pork Ribs

We like tart apples like Granny Smiths on these succulent pork ribs. Apple jelly and cider vinegar amp up the fruity flavor. 

Southern-Style Ribs

A spicy-sweet rub and your favorite barbecue sauce make these the slow-cooker spare ribs of your dreams! For the finishing touch, run the ribs under the broiler to get that irresistible sticky-glazed appeal we all love in a great barbecue pork spare ribs recipe.

Short Ribs with Leeks

A quick sour cream pan sauce and fresh veggies complement these slow cooker short ribs. 

Pibil-Style Pork Ribs

Cook these country-style ribs when you feel like trying something new. Lining your slow cooker with banana leaves keeps these slow-cooked ribs especially moist.

Flamin' Cajun Riblets

Your favorite Cajun rub transforms pork ribs into a party-ready app. A squeeze of lemon and fresh parsley finish the dish.

Five-Spice Ribs with Country Cabbage Slaw

Cooking meaty ribs in the slow cooker makes them get richer and bolder by the hour!  You'll also love the way the quick slaw offers a crunchy and colorful counterpoint to the ultra-tender meat.

Chipotle Pork Ribs

If you’re looking for a pork spare ribs crock pot recipe, check this one out. You can definitely use spare ribs here. Just make sure to pick out some meaty ones! 

Spicy Soy-Ginger Riblets

We developed this slow cooker ribs recipe for a tailgating party, but it’s great for any gathering of people who love flavor-charged foods. Serve with veggie-spiked ramen noodles for a bright, fresh contrast to the long-simmering ribs.

Maharaja Riblets

These Indian-spiced pork ribs are best served right from the slow cooker. These slow cooker ribs are easier to eat if you ask your butcher to saw the ribs in half crosswise for smaller portions. 

Ale-Sauced Pork Ribs and Vegetables

These slow cooker ribs get flavored through and through with a marinade seasoned with ale, garlic, rosemary, and lemon. We also like the bits of fresh flavor and color that the radishes give to the final dish. 

Korean Beef Short Ribs

This Korean slow cooker ribs recipe is seasoned with bold flavors such as gochujang (a red chili paste), ginger, and soy sauce. You might have to take a trip to an ethnic market for the ingredients, but it’s worth it!

BONUS: How to Cook Ribs in the Slow Cooker

Here's the how-to you need to cook ribs in the slow cooker. P.S.: If you're looking specifically for a spare ribs slow cooker recipe, learn why baby back ribs might be a better choice!

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