Secure the lid on top with this nifty hack.

By Hannah Bruneman

Almost everything about a slow cooker meal is convenient.

They're easy to make, flavorful, and a breeze to clean. No wonder why people have been making slow cooker dips and appetizers to bring to parties for generations. So, why are slow cookers such a pain to transport? Unless you have a new model featuring locks and clamps, you bear the risk of losing your lid with every curve or bump in the road!

That's where we can help.

Save yourself an expensive trip to the store for a shiny, new slow cooker. This hack will make your current one as good as the rest. To secure the lid onto your slow cooker, all you need is two heavy-duty rubber bands. Here's how it's done:


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Loop the band onto the top knob and stretch it over the edge to attach to the handle on the opposite side. Repeat once more with the second rubber band.

This temporary grip will save your favorite meatball appetizer from tumbling onto the floor of your car. We can't wait to try it out at the next family party! Check out our easy slow cooker recipes, and learn more about this genius hack in the video below:


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