Easy Slow Cooker Appetizers

Party Potatoes with Creamy Aioli
Looking for no-fuss appetizer recipes to kick off your party? It's time to whip out that slow cooker! Including juicy meatballs, creamy dips, and spicy wings, we've got all your favorite slow cooker appetizers to choose from. Try one of these easy slow cooker appetizer recipes for your next party or get-together.

Crunchy Ranch Party Mix

If it's made with ranch, it's got to be good. Upgrade your favorite party mix in low-maintenance style: with a slow cooker and a packet of dry ranch dressing mix. Hot sauce spices things up.

Queso Verde Dip

You'll need hefty chips to scoop up our cheesy verde dip. Loaded with ground turkey, green salsa, and hints of smoky cumin, it's a fresh, hearty take on Mexican-style chips and dip.

Meatball Sliders

Bite-size meatball sandwiches are an adorable (and surprisingly easy!) way to get any party started. They require just 10 minutes of prep before hanging out in your slow cooker, and they're a delicious snack when nestled on cocktail buns with sliced roma tomatoes and smoky provolone cheese.

Learn how to make Italian meatballs with our Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen tips. Two kinds of ground meat ensure that our meatball recipe will become a family favorite. We also share the secrets to this successful Italian dish, including how to shape your meatballs before cooking.

Bet You've Never Had Meatballs Like This Before

Ready to learn how to make homemade meatballs and ditch their frozen substitutes? Watch our quick video to master this easy appetizer.

Hoisin-and-Honey Chicken Wings

We always knew our slow cooker needed a little zing! Use frozen packaged chicken wings to cut down on prep time. Pop them in the oven, then whip up the magic slow cooker sauce before the timer even sounds.

Low-Country Shrimp Boil

Get coastal with this slow cooker shrimp boil featuring all the essentials: corn on the cob, rustic potatoes, and spicy kielbasa sausage. Set out small bowls with cocktail sauce so party guests can dip and dunk as they please!

Sweet-and-Hot Nuts

Combine your favorite nuts with a sweet-and-spicy blend of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and cayenne for an easy appetizer or healthy snack. One recipe makes 22 servings -- perfect for a crowd!

Five-Spice Chicken Wings

Wings-lovers, unite! Try our twist on classic chicken wings for your next party or get-together. The slow cooker appetizer uses just five ingredients and offers the mouthwatering combo of plum sauce and five-spice powder. Yum!

Buffalo-Ranch Macaroni and Cheese

Plain Jane mac-and-cheese lovers, it's time to step it up! This Buffalo-ranch version is fun, feisty, and has party written all over it.

Make-It-Mine Slow Cooker Party Mix

You pick the cereal, crunchy treat, nuts, and seasonings -- then mix-and-match for dozens of different party mixes! Here's how.

Cherry-Pistachio Brie

Cherry and brandy flavors pair perfectly with warm Brie cheese for a sophisticated but easy appetizer. Softened in the slow cooker, the slightly gooey Brie is delightful on crackers or fruit slices.

Greek Stuffed Meatballs

The secret to our stuffed slow cooker meatballs? Kasseri, a traditional salty, sharp cheese doused with Greek liqueur and lit on fire. Each of our lamb-and-beef meatballs has the classic cheese nestled inside.

Marinated Mushrooms

Charcuterie just got a lot more interesting. Bubble shiitake mushrooms and artichokes in red zinfandel, beef broth, dill, and garlic for the best slow cooker appetizer you've never had.

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Two-Step Crab Dip

If hot dip is the first thing that comes to mind when you think "slow cooker appetizer," boy, do we have a treat for you. Our warm, cheesy crab dip is a delicious and easy recipe that anyone can master.

Caramelized Onion and Swiss Dip

Who wouldn't fall for the classic flavor pairing of caramelized onion and cheese, especially in our ooey-gooey slow cooker dip? A variety of veggies make the perfect low-cal dippers.

Molasses-Lime Meatballs

Meatballs aren't always the healthiest option when it comes to appetizer recipes, but our lean version is perfect for meat-lovers. A sweet yet tangy molasses-lime sauce adds bold flavor to the bite-size snacks made from beef, sausage, and oats.

Bourbon-Glazed Cocktail Sausages

Apricot preserves, maple syrup, and bourbon meld beautifully for our bite-size slow cooker sausages. And with just five minutes of prep, you have no excuse not to try them!

Jalapeno, Crab, and Corn Dip

Take mild corn and crab up a notch with jalapenos, which add heat and color to this chunky slow cooker dip. To save time on party day, make this dip in the skillet ahead of time, and then re-heat it in the slow cooker that day.

Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks with Blue Cheese

These brightly sauced chicken legs will be the hit of your party, especially when dipped into a cool and creamy blue cheese dressing. Don't forget to serve with celery for a refreshing way to balance the spicy bites.

Cheesy Polenta-Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a beloved appetizer recipe, and our slow cooker version is no exception. We filled each popper with provolone cheese and polenta, then doused them in a tasty tomato-base sauce.

Party Potatoes with Creamy Aioli

Smoked paprika lends a distinct (and delicious) flavor boost to these garlic-and-onion potatoes. Served with a dilled aioli for dipping, these easy appetizers are a definite crowd-pleaser.

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