Savory Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipes

BBQ Beef Roast with Corn and Pepper
Mix up your usual set-and-forget routine with one of these slow cooker pot roast meals. We've put scrumptious spins on traditional pot roast with recipes such as Philly Cheese Pot Roast Sandwiches, Cranberry-Chipotle Beef, German-Style Beef Roast, and more.

Italian Pork with Sweet Potatoes

A fennel-seed rub gives this pork pot roast a slightly crunchy, sweet taste that complements the warm flavors of the cooked sweet potato side dish.

Italian Pot Roast with Penne

Slow-cooked beef and vegetables get a hint of anise flavor from fennel and a taste of Italy from tomato-basil pasta sauce. Serve this Mediterranean pot roast recipe over pasta.

Slow Cooker Pot Roast Stew

Squash, quince, and onions join wine-marinated slow cooker pot roast for a unique spin on beef stew. If you don't have quince, cooking apples work, too. Serve over couscous.

Burgundy Beef Stew

Cozy up to a slow cooker meal that takes pot roast to new heights with ingredients including Burgundy wine and smoky bacon. This pot roast stew cooks alongside crispy carrots and green beans, so a serving of veggies is mixed right in.

Cappuccino Pot Roast

Fresh coffee, jalapeno peppers, and a dash of chipotle chile powder add bold complexity to a classic pot roast slow cooker recipe. A topping of garlic and lemon peel gremolata completes the meal.

Cranberry-Chipotle Beef

Tart cranberry sauce and spicy chipotle give this slow cooker recipe its balanced sweet heat. Serve in flour tortillas with jalapeno slices and salsa for an easy Mexican-inspired dish.

Simple French Dip Sandwiches

Make slow cooker roast beef to give your usual sub a big boost. With just seven ingredients and a 15-minute prep time, this tasty French dip is a delicious, quick-fix dinner that's perfect for a busy weeknight.

Fireside Beef Stew with Squash

Butternut squash adds nutty flavor to warming pot roast stew. It simmers all day for a slow-cooked dinner that's great to curl up with in front of your fireplace.

Espresso-Braised Beef

A unique pot roast seasoning of espresso powder, brown sugar, and red wine takes the ordinary to extraordinary in this hearty dinner. Ladle over fluffy sweet potatoes for a warm, filling meal that's ready when you are.

Philly Cheese Pot Roast Sandwiches

Transform your dinner roast into a tasty pot roast sandwich! Your family will love this slow cooker adaptation of the classic Philadelphia sandwich—served on a hoagie bun with cheese, of course.

Pot Roast with Fruit-Chipotle Sauce

Calling for only 15 minutes of prep, this six-ingredient pot roast slow cooker recipe is a cinch. It gets its sweet and spicy flavor from dried mixed fruit and chipotle peppers.

German-Style Beef Roast

Dill pickles, German-style mustard, and homemade gravy set this slow cooker pot roast recipe apart from the rest. For an authentic German meal, serve over hot cooked spaetzle.

BBQ Beef Roast with Corn and Pepper Couscous

Get your barbecue fix year-round with a simple slow cooker recipe. Dish it up over our corn and pepper couscous to turn this beef pot roast into a hearty meal.

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