6 Flavor-Packed Gravies That Start with the Canned Stuff


It's easy to spice up this popular topper. Start with canned or homemade gravy then add these irresistible combinations of fresh veggies, cheeses, spices, and more.

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How to Make Turkey Gravy That's Lump-Free and Flavorful

Herb Garden

A mixture of rosemary, thyme, and sage adds a punch of flavor to traditional gravy.

Tip: To cut fresh herbs, place leaves in a measuring cup or bowl and snip them with kitchen scissors. For herbs with tough stems (like rosemary), strip the leaves from the stem first.

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Mix sausage, roasted red sweet peppers, and parsley into your turkey gravy for a bit of Italian flair.

Tip: For easy handling, halve sweet peppers lengthwise—then remove stems, seeds, and membranes.

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Steak House


A blend of caramelized red onions, steak sauce, and crumbled blue cheese makes gravy extra rich.

Tip: Stir onions continuously as they are caramelizing to prevent sticking and burning.

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For a taste of the Mediterranean, stir lemon zest, capers, and olive oil into your gravy.

Tip: Add more Mediterranean flavors to your meal by serving our mouthwatering Peanut Baklava (see recipe below).

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Mushrooms add a meaty texture to turkey gravy; try shiitakes mixed with a bit of cream and dried sweet peppers.

Tip: For best results, clean fresh mushrooms by wiping them with a barely damp cloth or paper towel. Never soak them in water—they'll become soggy.

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Chipotle spices and chili powder give gravy a Southwest twist. Roasted pumpkin seeds add satisfying crunch.

Tip: It's a snap to roast pumpkin seeds to perfection; for a quick and easy recipe, see below.

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