Classic Summer Sweets with a Twist

We show you how to put a fresh spin on your favorite summer desserts. From mint-infused homemade ice cream to grilled peach pie, these desserts will surprise and delight you.

Coconut Panna Cotta with Tropical Fruit

Daisy Martinez, cookbook author and celebrity chef, makes this fresh fruit panna cotta the night before for a refreshing cookout dessert.

See Classic Blueberry Ice Cream Pie recipe

Chef Scott Peacock's sensational seasonal dessert comes together with ripe blueberries, vanilla ice cream, and a few kitchen staples.

Sangria Peach Compote with Ice Cream

"I use affordable, everyday wine for this sangria-inspired peach compote," says Food Network star Ted Allen. "Spoon it, fruit and all, over ice cream, and it's dessert."

Roasted Peach Pies with Butterscotch Sauce

Bake peaches in a biscuitlike crust; butterscotch sauce adds a touch of sweetness.

Coconut Fruit S'mores

Customize these indoor s'mores by swapping the blackberries for your favorite summer fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, or plum slices.

Skillet Peaches a la Mode

Fresh peaches cooked in peach nectar and brown sugar are topped with buttery pastry, fresh berries, and creamy vanilla ice cream. Sprigs of mint add a bright, fresh-from-the-garden touch.

Butter Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Grand Marnier Glaze

Our simple to make glaze, coupled with lavender whipped cream, makes this fluffy butter cake stand above the rest. Fresh strawberries make a festive (and delicious) topper.

Raspberry Angel Food Bruschetta

Toasted slices of cake are topped with a mixture of raspberries, caramel sauce, and mint jelly. Sprigs of fresh mint add a garden-fresh touch. Serve it with a scoop of lemon or vanilla sorbet.

Lemon Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce

There's nothing like homemade ice cream on a hot summer day, and this recipe is so simple to make. The combination of sweet-tart lemon ice cream and fresh blueberry sauce is hard to beat.

Cornmeal Sandies

Finely shredded lemon and orange peel stirred into the cookie dough gives these bite-sized treats fresh flavor. Serve them with our homemade lemon ice cream and blueberry sauce.

Neapolitan Sundaes

For a new take on classic sundaes, arrange slices of Neapolitan ice cream with crispy cinnamon-spiced crepes.

Puffy Shortcakes with Meringue

Lighter desserts can be delicious. In this recipe, light pastry takes the place of biscuits or cakes, and golden-toasted sweetened egg whites replace whipping cream.

Flower-Power Mini Cupcakes

This summer slant on vanilla cupcakes is irresistible. Stirring snipped marigold leaves and petals into white cake mix adds a lively citrus flavor to the cupcakes.

Raspberry Custard Brulee

Try this variation on classic creme brulee. Layer fresh raspberries and blueberries with creamy custard. Top with caramelized sugar.

Tarragon Ice

Snipped tarragon from your garden punches up the flavor of lemon ice -- and adds a pretty, party-worthy twist that's just right for summer get togethers.

Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream Sandwiches

Two classic favorites -- ice cream and cupcakes -- combine to make the ultimate dessert. Pair chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cupcakes; top it off with tangy raspberry jam and chopped pecans.

Tarragon Ice

Snipped tarragon from your garden punches up the flavor of lemon ice -- and adds a pretty, party-worthy twist that's just right for summer get togethers.

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