ROY G BIV: Our Most Colorful Recipes

Eat the rainbow! Dig in to our most colorful recipes and discover the beauty of fresh fruits and veggies.

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    Pickled Beets

    Food doesn't get prettier than this. Showcase the stunning ruby hue of beets by pickling them with vinegar, cinnamon, and allspice. 

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    Watermelon Soup with Fresh Mint

    From slices to soup, nothing says summer like a fresh, juicy watermelon. Blend up the low-calorie fruit with lime, mint, and honey for a refreshing warm weather appetizer. 

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    Tomato-Mozzarella Toss

    Summer tomatoes may be our favorite colorful food. During warm weather months, they become almost candy sweet. Dice them up with mozzarella balls and fresh basil.  

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    Fennel and Orange Salad

    You'll want to Instagram this stunning salad. For brilliant color, we used a mix of blood and navel oranges. Both are at their best in the winter months. 

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    Baked Sweet Potatoes (Camote)

    Beat that boring baked potato. A bit of honey and cinnamon bring out the natural sugars in sweet potatoes. Balance the sweetness with sliced jalapeno peppers and queso fresco. 

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    Cream of Carrot Soup

    This soup is loaded with two full pounds of carrots -- and we're not stopping there. Add major flavor with bacon, blue cheese, and sage. 

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    Corn Cups (Esquites)

    Summer is the season for fresh corn. We think it's best served off the cob topped with creamy butter and cheese. Keep it from being too rich with a big squeeze of lime. 

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    Pineapple-Cinnamon Margaritas

    First it's sweet, then it's spicy. Fresh pineapple juice gives this margarita plenty of sweetness. A spicy cinnamon rim balances the fruit. 

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    Summer Squash Soup with Whole Wheat Orzo

    A triple dose of yellow ingredients (lemon, turmeric, and summer squash) gives this soup its sunny hue. It's also filled with tender pasta and fresh basil. 

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    Fresh Taco Salad

    This salad makes it easy to eat your greens. Fresh lettuce, avocado, and chile peppers mean this salad is just as good for you as it tastes. 

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    Green Beans and Olives

    You'll want to snack on this summer salad. It's just as crunchy as potato chips, but so much better for you. We love the combination of celery, beans, and tangy olives. 

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    Creamy Green Smoothies

    Drink your greens! You'll never guess this sweet smoothie has a serving of broccoli and zucchini. All you'll taste is fresh apple and lime. 

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    Mini Blueberry Pies

    Blue foods in nature are hard to come by. Lucky for us, sweet and juicy blueberries fit the bill. Showcase the summer berry in these simple no-bake pies.

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    Blueberry Pecan Arugula Salad

    When paired with pecans and arugula, blueberries add a pop of sweetness to this side salad. Dress the whole dish in a light lemon vinaigrette. 

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    Blueberry Ice Cream Pie

    Showcase the sweetness of fresh blueberries by layering them with ice cream. Pile the toppings on our crisp almond and brown sugar crust. 

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    Blackberry Salad with Creamy Feta

    Who says berries are just for dessert? Purple blackberries are even better when served with quick pickled onions, crushed red pepper, and feta cheese. Finish the salad with a big handful of fresh mint. 

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    Harvest Slaw

    Finely shredded purple cabbage is the star of this salad. The supporting cast showcases the best of the season -- apples, cranberries, and toasted pecans. A touch of caraway in the dressing brings the whole dish together. 

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    PB&J Smoothie

    Finally, a smoothie with staying power. The secret? A protein-packed blend of peanut butter, tofu, and blueberries. No white bread needed. 

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