Fresh Takes on BLT Recipes

Of course you've enjoyed your share of BLT sandwiches. But we'd like to point out that the flavor combo of bacon, lettuce, and tomato can go so much further! Don't believe it? Check out these five delish twists on the BLT.

Summer's best flavor combination is branching out. Try BLT pizza, waffles, or dip for an unusually delicious twist on an old classic.

BLT Twists

Here are the five BLT transformations we tried:

Once you've mastered how to cook bacon and picking the best tomatoes, choose your favorite BLT idea to try.


Pile tomatoes, cheese, and herbs into a purchased piecrust to create this savory pie perfect for summer brunch.

Get the BLT Pie recipe.

This BLT Pie is just one version of a savory pie worth baking. Give these chicken pot pies and quiche recipes a taste, too.

BLT Pizza

Take the BLT in a Mediterranean direction with a homemade pesto spread, dried tomatoes instead of fresh, and arugula instead of iceberg or romaine lettuce.

Get the BLT Pizza recipe.

BLT Pasta Salad

A creamy ranch, sour cream, and mayo dressing coats all the usual BLT ingredients and pasta to create the ultimate potluck recipe.

Get the BLT Pasta Salad recipe.

Craving even more pasta salad? Here are more pasta salad recipes to try.

BLT Waffles

A cornmeal batter with bacon bits gets topped with a fresh BLT "slaw" and slightly sweet bacon jam. 

Get the BLT Waffle recipe.

Wanna see what else you can waffle? Here are some recipes you never knew you could make with a waffle iron.


Get ready to dunk with this creamy dip baked to bubbling perfection. Loaded with mayo, sour cream, cheese, and bacon, it's truly irresistible.

Get the BLT Dip recipe.

And check out our best slow cooker dip recipes for your next party.

More BLT Recipes

Try other unique twists, as well as classic BLT sandwich recipes, in our collection of BLT recipes. You'll want to devour them all summer long.

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