Adorable Spring Desserts

Celebrate spring with our cutest desserts ever. With darling bunny cupcakes, blooming flower cake pops, and more, these stunning desserts are perfect for any sunny celebration. Plus, get easy Easter candy recipes like truffles and chocolate-dipped marshmallows.

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    Sprinkle Cake with Flowers

    Ooh and aah party guests with this spring sprinkle cake. Tall flower toppers add showstopping height to this centerpiece cake.

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    Lamb and Ducky Cupcakes

    What an adorable pair. Coconut feathers and fur make these cupcakes extra sweet.

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    Bird's Nest Cupcakes

    Say hello to the cutest cupcakes ever. These spring-green treats have it all -- minty meringues, toasted almonds, and rich frosting.

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    Dressed-Up Marshmallow Bunnies

    In case adorable marshmallow bunnies aren't sweet enough for you, we've added chocolate, sprinkles, glitter, and more! Each one gets a cute little marshmallow tail, too.

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    Ladybug and Flower Cupcakes

    Bring a little luck to your life with these adorable ladybug-topped cupcakes. All you need: red candy coating, chocolate chips, and a food-coloring pen.

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    Easy Easter Bunny Bites

    You'll want this bunny to hop, hop, hop right into your mouth.

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    Sweet and Salty Chocolate Flowers

    Half sweet, half salty, 100 percent adorable. These simple yet delish flower treats require just three ingredients.

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    End-of-the-Rainbow Cupcakes

    Celebrate the rainy season with a colorful rainbow cupcake display. Clouds are made from marshmallows, which is what we wish real clouds tasted like anyway.

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    Spring Flower Cake Pops

    Cake pops have never looked so pretty. These blooming beauties are all dressed up thanks to colored fondant and sprinkles.

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    Strawberry Hand Pies

    How to make any dessert more adorable? Make it mini. These invidual hand pies are the perfect portion for a springtime afternoon treat (but you can always have another!).

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    Mother Hen and Chicks Cake

    A mother hen isn't herself without her baby chicks. Coconut and sprinkles give the birds realistic (and tasty) feathers.

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    Butterfly Garden Cupcakes

    Pretzels and melted candy give these butterflies their impressive wings. And butterflies would be lonely without the flower cupcakes made from jelly beans and mini chocolate chips.

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    Lemon-Blueberry Pavlovas

    At first glance, these look like little bowls of fresh fruit. But the "bowl" is actually fluffy meringue, and the fresh fruit -- well, that actually is fresh fruit.

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    Spring-Theme Fondant Flower Cupcakes

    Chocolate or flowers? Flowers or chocolate? Our flower cupcakes are the best gift of all.

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    Hyacinth Flower Cake Pops

    One glimpse of these pretty cake pops and guests will be doing a double take. Plant the pops in a flowerpot for the perfect spring centerpiece.

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    Cute Terrier Dog Cake

    When it comes to cute desserts, this one takes the cake. This adorable guy is a must-make for any dog-lover in your life.

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    Chocolate-Dipped Homemade Marshmallows

    Marshmallows were made for dipping in chocolate. These spring shapes start with a homemade mallow and end with a colorful drizzle.

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    Garden-Theme Cupcakes

    Our love for these just-picked cupcakes continues to grow. We're pretty sure the triple chocolate has something to do with it!

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    Beautiful Rainbow Butterfly Cake

    It was love at first sight with this rainbow butterfly cake. We fell head over heels when we realized it's super easy to make.

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    Adorable Lamb Cake

    This sweet lamb cake is adorable as can be. Amp up the cuteness with a pretty piped lace pattern (it's easier than you think!).

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    Spring-Theme Forest Cake

    DIY doesn't have to mean difficult. Get our (easy) step-by-step instructions for this stunning tree layer cake.

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    Marbled Easter Egg Truffles

    When it comes to homemade candy, these swirled truffles win most beautiful. Our simple dipping technique is all you need to make them.

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    Chick Cupcakes

    Surprise! These easy-as-can-be chicks start with cream-filled cakes and white chocolate truffles.

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