10 Winter Dessert Ideas That Aren't Pie

Pie is a classic dessert, but why stop there? Add a new favorite sweet to your table.

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    Pumpkin Chocolate-Swirl Bundt Cake

    Chocolate and pumpkin are a natural combination. This moist Bundt cake is sure to please both chocolate and pumpkin-lovers alike. Get the Pumpkin Chocolate-Swirl Bundt Cake recipe.

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    Cranberry-Orange Bundt Cake

    Cranberries aren't just for sauce! This tart and tangy Cranberry-Orange Bundt Cake is a refreshing end to any dinner.

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    Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

    Oven overload? Skip the baking, and make cool and creamy Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream instead. Get the recipe here.

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    White Chocolate-Cranberry Cheesecake

    Sugared cranberries make this White Chocolate-Cranberry Cheesecake as beautiful as it is tasty. Get the recipe here.

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    Caramel Apple-Pecan Layer Cake

    Cake takes its rightful place on the holiday dessert table with this festive Caramel Apple-Pecan Layer Cake. Get the recipe here.

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    Salted Maple Pot de Creme with Bourbon Whipped Cream

    Impress your dinner guests by swapping out pumpkin pie with whipped cream for Maple Pot de Creme with Bourbon Whipped Cream. Find the recipe here.

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    Lighter Caramel Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

    Lighter Caramel Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples take the classic fall dessert and make it into something that's holiday dessert-worthy! Find the recipe here.

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    Pumpkin Cake Roll

    This Pumpkin Cake Roll recipe has become nearly as popular as pumpkin pie! Find out how to make this impressive dessert with the recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.

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    Mini Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

    These perfectly portioned desserts made with better-for-you ingredients like Greek yogurt are a lighter way to end your Christmas feast. Get the Mini Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Cheesecake recipe.

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    Easy Pumpkin Pie Cake

    Pie meets cake in this Easy Pumpkin Pie Cake that is the best of both dessert worlds! Find the recipe here.

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