Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is a delicious, inexpensive way to get a lot of protein at lunch or dinner. Combine canned tuna, a little mayonnaise, and some crunchy celery for a classic take on tuna salad. We have plenty of fresh new takes on tuna, too!

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Poached Tuna Salad
Poaching tuna low and slow in olive oil along with a bay leaf, crushed garlic, peppercorns, and lemon peel make an unforgettable salad topper.
Tuna-Ramen Salad
Give two pantry staples, ramen noodles and canned tuna, new life in this Asian salad recipe. Sesame, miso, and rice vinegar transport this vegetable side dish to the Far East.
Mediterranean Tuna Salad
Since the rest of this light summer salad is low in fat, opt for tuna packed in oil for more satisfaction, flavor, and to help your body absorb all of the nutrients from the veggies.
Lemony Tuna Salad
Rating: Unrated 6
This lemony tuna salad is the paleo "fast food" in the best sense of the word - quick, convenient, and nutritious
Tuscan Tuna Salad
This hearty, flavorful salad needs only crusty multigrain bread to make it complete.
Avocado Ranch Tuna Melts
A crisp broccoli slaw salad adds crunch to these skinny tuna melt sandwiches. Pair one with a side of fruit for a healthy lunch.

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White Bean Tuna Salad
Rating: Unrated 41
This tuna salad comes with extra protein thanks to white cannellini beans. And while it's tasty enough to eat on its own, this tuna salad is especially good when scooped up with crusty bread.
Tuna or Salmon Salad
Dill is a natural choice to season seafood dishes. For variety, use another herb such as basil, oregano, or thyme for this main dish salad.
Salade Nicoise

Potatoes, green beans, and tuna star in this classic French salad.