Taco Salad

We've highlighted Mexican flavors in our collection of unique taco salad recipes. These festive dishes are perfect for a hearty lunch or dinner. We've also included tips for homemade tortillas, perfect guacamole, and simple shredded chicken.

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South of the Border Salad

Ground beef makes an easy, high-protein addition to this Paleo salad recipe. Toss it together with a few other simple salad ingredients like mixed greens, avocado slices, and salsa for a healthy, Mexican-inspired salad.

Salsa Verde Beef Taco Salad

Slow cooker meals don't get much easier than this: Just dump and slow cook! This delicious taco salad recipe can simmer on your counter all day, so dinner is ready when you walk in the door at night.

Easy Taco Salad

Top this salad with nacho tortilla chips for flavor and crunch.

Chopped Salad Taco

These chopped salad tacos are loaded with six fresh ingredients. No cooking required to make this delicious Mexican recipe.

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Zesty Beef Medley

Leftovers from this hearty ground beef and bean fiesta create a satisfying bowl of Southwestern-style soup for another meal.